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felines friendly to asthmatics

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All Points Bulliten to CAT PEOPLE!!!

Looking for help with the breed of feline without (?) dander that asthmatics, for millenia,have lived with in peace and love.

Years ago I saw some documentary espousing this belief and now I am unsure of the truth of my memory. The fabled breed comes from a very northern, very cold, climate. Their fur enables them to naturally survive in the wild, their original environment. Would this be the Siberian Cat?

My only sibling/sister and my closest friend are both deathly allergic to cats, but I am convinced there exists a breed compatible and comforting to these poor afflicted lungs...souls...

Please help me out with this if you are able/knowledgeable/willing.

With lots of appreciation, purring and swishing of tail -

clb&D&T&T felines friendly to asthmatics
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Yep, that would be the Siberian. There is a certain protein in cat saliva that causes the allergy in many people who are allergic to cats. As the cat grooms herself, the saliva dries up on the coat and turns into microscopic dander, trigerring the allergy. Siberians are supposed to not have that protein in their saliva and thus not cause the allregic reaction.

However, some people can be allergic to Siberians as well! So, the only way to make sure if a Siberian is good for you or your siblings, is to visit the actual cattery where the Siberians are bred and spend some time with those cats.
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welcome poodleperson - good luck with your search
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My wife and I have a ragdoll that has been very good with my wife's allergies and athsma with cats. Not one attck since we got him as a 14 week old and he is nine months old now

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Do you have poodles?
I have to.
Well if you go one to this web page http://www.freewebs.com/stanleysiberians/index.htm
And read about allergy’s and it will tell you Siberians are missing something cal fel d 1 as we react to in cats.
One the link page it is link’s to breeder in the world.
Sow I am shore you will find one in you country
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Before you rush out and buy a Siberian kitten because you think you might be able to tolerate it, pleaseeeeeee contact a breeder and meet the cats in person to see if there is any reactions.

If a person is that highly allergic to a cat, they probably will NOT be able to have any cat - sorry. But I'd rather you test the cats first, before you bring it home and then have to take the kitten back.

There is no cat that will not cause a reaction if you are allergic - some just are less allergic. I raised cornish rexes and I had to deal with this "allergy" all the time with people. I let one family test a kitten (allowed the kitten to stay with them for a few days - they were local). The child was STILL allergic and they sadly had to return the kitten.

There is NO guarentee that any cat will not cause a reaction.
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Here's what CFA has to say about Siberians


And here's the TICA standard on them
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Yes I agree you have to test you to see if you can have one.
Some people can not live to getter with a Siberian as they get sick.
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