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Well, here I am. My name is PJ and Im only about 8 weeks old but my dad, Will, brought me to my new house last week. Im already runnin around and teasing my brothers! (They are just dogs, its too easy!) Well, heres me!
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and one more!
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Aw PJ is adorable! We'd really like to meet daddy Will, too. Welcome Will!
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Oh wait! I know daddy Will! He's been posting in the Lounge. *smacks head*

Well, a slightly belated welcome to the site Will, and a big Welcome Home to PJ!

Actually, I will go ahead and move this to Fur Pictures so more people will see this adorable kitten.
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PJ is just the cutest little guy!! Welcome to the group, Will. I'm also new here. My boy Tiger is 12 years old.
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Welcome PJ , you are a very pretty kitty and tell your dad hello for me .
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What a pretty kitty.
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Yay, Will, I was waitin' on pics! Awwwww, what a cutie-patootie!!!
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what a sweetie
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PJ is so cute!
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Oh he is so cute! Congrats and thanks for posting a pic
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Oh how adorable!
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What a cutie..... I love little baby kittens...... :rainbow:
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Oh my, he is one fabulous looking kitten! Welcome!
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww!! I want another!. PJ your a sweetie!.

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What a cutie pie!!!
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Oh here I was waiting for pictures in your other thread, but I didn't see there was one in here.. heehee

What a cutie PJ is!
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