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I found one of Stinkie's whiskers on the bed a few minutes ago. As far as I know, that is the only one that he's ever lost. Is that anything to worry about?
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Nothing to be concerned about, cats shed them all the time, or they break off. If someone intentionally cuts them off, then you worry.
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Good! That's a relief. Thanks for the help. I probably worry about him too much. But, hey, isn't that part of a mother's job? He is my baby!
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I have never found a cats whisker, how lovely.. I sometimes pet my kitties whiskers, they feel like fishing nylon.
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My Mischa has black whiskas mostly but has 1 long white one. That periodically drops off but always grows back white! Thats the only way I notice if she has lost any.
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I too have found one laying around sometimes. It does feel stange.
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I always remember when i found Rosies first whisker.

Just like her first shedded claw, i taped it it to one of her kitten photographs, bless!!.

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I've found whiskers, for years. My current crew all have white ones, so I never know whose it is.

Years ago, I had a cat, whose whiskers had black roots. HERS I could tell.
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My little sister cut the whiskers off her cat when she was 3 years old. What happens if this happens?!? (BTW, this was 4 years ago...they have grown back since then)
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Many years ago On CHRISTMAS DAY, I got up, went upstairs to eat, saw Rusty, started petting her then thought something looked different then realized her whiskers and other whiskers were cut off VERY VERY SHORT (like stubble)!!!

I jumped to the conclusion that it was my brother because he likes to pick on my cats so I stormed over to my brother's bedroom, jumped on him in his bed (he was SOUNDLY ASLEEP) , started yelling and smacking him on the shoulders! POOR Shaun! Of course, he started defending himself physically and verbally without a clue WHY.

My parents heard the ruckus I was raising so they came down and told me that they THOUGHT it was Colby, my 8-9 yr old nephew because on CHRISTMAS EVE , he was cutting papers up in my dad's office where Rusty was sleeping. Apparently, he decided to snip off POOR Rusty's whiskers AND those long whiskers on top of her face (near eyes)! My parents found whiskers on the chair and were HOPING I woudln't notice it. (DUH!) THe minute I heard this, I thought "AWWWWW!" Cuz he was only 8-9 yrs old at that time so I knew I couldn't chew him out!
I had to apologize to my brother for attacking him.. He WASN'T QUICK to forgive me!

Later on that day, we went over to visit my sister's family (Colby's family).. I wasn't planning on saying anything since he was just a kid.. Mom told my sister in front of all the kids that Santa Claus had called her the nite before and asked if he should still bring presents for the kids because someone had cut off a cat's whiskers.. I told my mom to SHUT up cuz I didn't want to ruin Christmas day for the kids but it was too late.

The minute my sister Natalie heard this, she turned to her three kids and asked who did it. All denied it (OF COURSE!). That got her upset (she doesn't like it when kids lies) so she took them one by one into her bedroom and asked again... All denied it again.. She got madder and disappointed... I told Natalie not to worry about it..

We left and went home. The minute we got home, the phone rang. Natalie said the minute I walked out of the house, Colby started bawling and admitted it was him..

That evening, they came over for dinner so when I saw Colby coming up, I grabbed Rusty, held Rusty in my arms, as he walked into the house.. I could tell he expected to have me chew him out..
You know what I did??
Wanna guess????

I walked up, put Rusty in his arms and told him I know he didn't mean to hurt Rusty and that he won't do it again.. It was cool to see his face light up as he realized I wasn't mad.

FYI- from what I understand, if the whiskers are cut too short, it affects the cats' balance.. Luckily it didn't affect Rusty's balance...
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I have found the occasional whisker here and there....
I should start collecting them
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