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Cat eating your food

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I was sitting, watching TV and letting Simon and Max take licks of the ice cream bar I was eating. Then I thought, how healthy can that be? Oh well. Am I the only one who lets the kitties do this?

I don't ever give them people food. Licking my ice cream bar (only a few licks) is a huge treat. But I do continue to eat it, once I think they've licked enough. Anyone else? Also, I can't catch anything from them or give them anything, can I?
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As long as it is not a chocolate ice cream bar, a couple of licks is probably OK. But never, never, never give them anything with chocolate in it.

As far as sharing food.....I do it and never really gave it much thought.
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mine eats my ice cream too.... and they steal mine! but they eat a lot of ppl food... and so far so good... no probs
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Ophelia waits patiently for the plate while we are eating, so really she only gets meat juice, butter from the veggies, and sometimes a bit of gravy. Of course, if we are having something really bad for kitties, like something I made with onion powder, she doesn't get the plate and pouts.

Trent has to smell everything we eat, but he hardly ever chooses to eat any of it. He usually makes that face that says, "You are really going to eat that? That's gross!!" He may take a tiny bit of ham or turkey we pinch off from a sandwich, but that's it.

But they do like a couple licks (from a finger) of vanilla ice cream, and LOVE sour cream.
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I have a friend who lets her cat drink the milk out of her cereal bowl while she is eating breakfast. She even let Toes eat the opposite end of her slice of pizza while she was eating it. She wouldn't let me stop him.
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The first night I had Emmett he was stealing chips from the bowl my friend and I were sharing.

Its been downhill since then. His all time favorite is crackers. He'll drag a box around the house if he gets a hold of one and the try to break into it unless you give him one.

Its kind of cute
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I went to bed one night and woke up to the sound of plastic crinkling. What on earth I turned on my light and here Shadow was stealing cheezzies (sp??) out of a bag beside my bed!! She wont eat them just licks the cheeze off, she also eats bananas but wont eat any more people food unless she steals it off your plate Graycie has to eat chicken, so we roast him one every couple of days. They love ice cream too.
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Ours are not big into people food, but do have soft spots for yogurt, sour cream, butter, especially Suzy and Cindy -- Fawn not so much, mostly just because her sisters do, I think.
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I'm glad i'm not the only one who does this!.

I'ts not often, but i let Rosie lick the yoghurt off the lid.

But i had to draw the line last night. She sat beside me watching what was on my plate, i got up for a few seconds, turned back to sit, and her paw was in my gravy!!!.

She'd just been on her litter tray as well!! euuuugh!.

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I let mine lick certain stuff but it is really only Tulip that does this. She will take your face off for vanilla yoghurt!!! I have to eat it in another room.
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I thought maybe it was just me. And don't worry, I don't eat chocolate so the cats will definitely not get any from me. Luckily, my two do not eat table food, but like I said, they do want a lick of ice cream now and then!
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Peedoodle LOVES my vegemite on toast - come to think of it, most of my cats I had growing up demanded it.
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Hey we gotta share with our babies. Newman loves chips and Cosmo loves shrimp big time For some reason Cosmo will Gag at all dairy products. Even when your eating a bowl of cereal and he comes up to you and just catches a whiff of milk He will gag, I tell you some mornings Its all you can do not to gag your
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The night time crinkling story reminded me of the pumpkin pie. I had a piece next to my bed wrapped up. I was going to eat it while reading, but didn't. I awoke to find pie all over my bedroom floor....Em got a hold of it and had a field day.
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The only 2 human foods my cat loves to beg for is lunch meat (ham or roast beef) or the white creamy, sugary stuff inside Little Debbie Snack Rolls. I put the cream on my finger and she licks it off. I do that so she doesn't get any chocolate from the snack roll. That's as close to sharing as I get. I think it's gross and not hygenic to swap bites with my pet.

I don't like giving her too much human food but I think in very small quantities it's fine. It's probably more satisfying to the cat than the cat treats.
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I can't eat chicken without 2 moochers. They'll get pieces from the inside of the chicken since I season the outside. They don't like rosemary.
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I let Zoey & Saki have a couple licks of vanilla ice cream. They are so funny, when they see me get myself some ice cream and sit on the couch they both come running and sit around me patiently waiting for a few licks
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Zero gets yogurt from the lid and he likes crackers, especially these veggie kind we get from WalMart... crunch crunch crunch! Also now and then he gets a sliver of roast beef or turkey lunch meat, and now and then a tiny piece of a pork chop or he gets to chew on the bone.

Also, can someone explain why chocolate is so bad for cats? He used to have a thing for stealing chocolate kisses. He couldn't really get any chocolate out of them, only a tiny tiny bit because of the wrapper.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Peedoodle LOVES my vegemite on toast - come to think of it, most of my cats I had growing up demanded it.
Peedoodle sounds like my late Lolly, who couldn't go a day without a teaspoon of vegemite on his bikkies! (Can't remember if I've shared that story before, LOL)

I generally don't let cats eat from the same thing as me, but they do like alot of people food.
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I heard that chocolate was like poison to them. Could make them sick..... Don't really know for sure I've never gave them any.I forgot Newman also love to eat cream cheese off my
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We can't eat hardboiled eggs, mushrooms, or tuna without giving JC some. And he has been known to steal home-made cake or an occasional slice of boiled ham.
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