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Hello I'm new
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Welcome Holly! Tell us a little about yourself and any cats that you have.
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Welcome to TCS
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Big welcome to TCS from the UK
How many cats do you have Holly
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Welcome to TCS, WE love pictures. I have to cats Newman and Cosmo both 7 yrs old. They are my babies....
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Hi Holly, welcome to the site!.

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I hope to learn alot from every one in this site. I have three cats and one of them I would like to see have a litter. She is not pure bread though. Well I won't take up all your time. I hope to hear from you soon! Holly
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Don't worry about taking up our time.

I spend more time on the site than what i do working!!.

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Me too Susan
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Hey Holly. Welcome to TCS. I hate the be the one to say this, but unless your cat is a purebred and unless you're a registerd breeder, it would be very sad and offensive if you bred her, however it's not my decison. Look forward to getting to know you and the cats better.
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Hi Holly and welcome to TCS.

Take your time and look around.
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