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"Meg Ryan" Won't Drink Water!!! Help Please...

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I received such great advise my first time that I thought I'd give it another shot.

"Meg Ryan" is a long haired Tortoise shell and I got her as a young adult, about 6 months ago, and I have not seen her drink water yet. I have tried to coax, dipping my fingers in and pressing it to her mouth and today (huge heat wave here) I even used an eye dropper but she wouldn't co-operate.

I've had cats before and they always drank water. I change it twice a day so it's clean and cool, and each time there is no evidence that she has taken any.

Does anyone have a solution... should I be worried? Does she need to have water or will the moisture that she gets from her wet food be enough? I would appreciate your expertise in this matter. Thanks to all who respond.

Me & Meg in Ontario, Canada (It's Hot Here!!)
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Well, my first suggestion is to make sure the water is room temperature. Cats arent real fond of cold water. I would also make sure the bowl you are using isnt in some way unlikable to her. You can also see if she is just one of those cats who prefer to drink running water or from a glass. She will get a lot of water from the wet food. Cats who eat the wet food tend to not go to the water bowl as much. Just watch her and make sure she is not getting dehydrated. The best way to tell is to pinch (not hard) the skin on her neck, if it bounces right back she is fine...if it slowly goes back she is getting dehydrated.
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Some cats refuse to drink out of a bowl. Try getting a drinkwell fountain for her. My cat who wouldn't drink out of a bowl has been drinking plenty since we got the fountain for her.

Your cat can develop serious medical problems if she is not drinking enough water. This is important and should be remedied.

Is it possible that she is drinking when you aren't in the room? I can't imagine that she could go this long without drinking and not be sick.
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I have a one year old whom I also thought was not drinking. Come to find out, she drinks out of the sink in the kitchen and bathroom when I am not around. Everytime I went to change her water dish it would still be full. And then one day I caught her in my kitchen sink drinking. So maybe perhaps your kitty is doing the same sneaky thing at your house!!
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Wow... those were all great suggestions, and I believe she could be drinking from the kitchen sink because occasionally I hear her jump down from somewhere in the kitchen, but haven't actually caught her in the act ( I don't allow cats on tables and counters.. yuk!).

I pinched her neck and it is still resilient, so no worries there about de-hydration. But, I think I will try that kitty fountain asap.

I really appreciate the response. This is sooooo great!

Still very hot here (just north of Toronto)!!

Me & Meg
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Meg may be drinking out of the bowl when you're not there. I had a similar question a while back. My cat only eats dry food and I was concerned that her water bowl always seemed to have the same amount. One day I finally saw her drinking from the bowl, but she stopped and stared at me when she realized I was there. She waited until I stepped away then I heard her lapping away again. I guess she doesn't like to be watched. Who knew water drinking was so personal? I think if your kitty is eating her wet food and is peeing ok in the litter box, she's probably fine.
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Do you have any cats other than "Meg Ryan"? I've had cats before that wouldn't drink out of the same dish as another cat or dog for that matter. She had to have her very own dish in a special spot that the other cats wouldn't go to. She had to have her own litter box as well!
As mentioned by others, she may not like "stale" water as well, which can be fixed by a drinkwell fountain. That would explain why she drinks from the kitchen sink. be very careful that your sink is free of dishsoap residue after you're finished cleaning. I know my cat has a tendency to lick the water droplets off the bottom of the sink and soap can't be good.
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Thanks for the further suggestions... but she has no peers or siblings. The water is always clean. I switched dishes today, but no evidence that she has sipped so far. Next time I go to town (I live rurally) I will get her a fountain.

I do rinse my sink thoroughly after the dishes, so we are safe in that regard. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate all the input.

Me & Meg
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They have kitty fountains in the Lillian Vernon catalog that is only $20 as opposed to the $60 for the fountain with the extra wells.

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Hi Donna,

I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with this catalogue. I live in Canada, so if it's a U.S. company, it may not be available here. Also, even if I ordered it from here, I have to consider the exchange (about 48% right now) on top of the cost, plus s&h.

I wouldn't mind have a look though, just in case there is some cost savings, and just to see what we are talking about as far as what the product actually looks like... if you can forward a web site or something, that would be great too.

Thanks again,
Me & Meg
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I couldn't find it in Lillian Vernon. However, there is one in the petopia.com site. Here's the link:


I just found the webiste for a running water fountain. Here's the link:


Good luck.

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thanks for posting those links Donna!

I really appreciate it.

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What are friends for???

I hope you have a great time at the concert tomorrow night. Even though I don't listen to Madonna when I'm home, I'd love to see her in concert.
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I bookmarked those sites and have taken down the phone number so I can call tomorrow and find out where the fountain is sold in Canada.

I appreciate the help.

Me & Meg
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Hi Linda!
I have the same troubles you have when it comes to finding some of these products in a Canadian catalog or located them at Canadian stores. When you find out where you can get them or order them could you let me know?
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I checked the web site for the drinking fountain and even called long distance (no 800 # outside U.S) but they said they didn't know where to get it in canada and that I should just go to the stores and check myself!!!!

So back to square one. I had a busy week-end and wasn't anywhere near pet stores. As far as U.S. catalogues are concerned, we are better off finding what we need here due to the exchange which is around 48% plus the s&H on top of that, and if it's over $50 Cdn. we have to pay duty too. Just doesn't seem worth it. If I do find anything worthwhile though, I will pass it on to my fellow Canadians..... Don't you love the 'I AM CANADIAN! ads on t.v.???

Me & Meg
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I love those ads!
The thing is, I'm getting prety miffed at some of these companies who won't ship their products to Canada! Are pets need the same care and attention that any other pet does and I think it's about times some of us starting writing to these companies, and good business man/woman knows that even if you don't do regular marketing to a specific area of clientele, if one of them contacts you, you make arrangements.
I'm not too sure whether they supply but you can check petcetera online. They're a Canadian company, started in B.C. and now expanding Canada wide. They just opened a store where I live and I'm going to go to the store tomorrow to check things out.
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