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Please, any suggestions

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Chewy and Mittens have been here together for 8 mos. Mittens is Chewy's mom. I got Chewy and 2 weeks later I got Mittens. They didn't seem to know each other and I didn't think about keeping them separated. Mittens has gotten over the dogs except when they chase after her which they only do when she and Chewy are into it.

Sometimes he actively seeks her out and pounces on top of her and bites her. She fights back but he is about 3 pounds heavier than she is. Have found them in the same room sleeping, never very close.

Why would they fight so being mother and son? Is there anything I can do to stop him. I put him out of the bedroom and he runs right back in and attacks.

I feel so sorry for Mittens. She can't some out with the rest of us. It doesn't seem fair for her to have to stay in my bedroom.

My other question, should I try to find her a one cat home?
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Just because she is the mom, or sometimes because she is, she will discourage her offspring from approaching her. Perhaps she is remembering all the times the kittens were hanging on her nursing her. Are the cats spayed and neutered? That will help immensely. So will investing in a Comfort Zone Room diffuser and just letting the two of them have space away from each other. It is just the way of the cat, mom has done her job, and she is finished with the project.
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Done all that.

It isn't mom that is the problem. Chewy seeks her out to attack her.
he chases her every chance he has. She can't eat in peace if he sees her etc.
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Hello Hermoine: What are their ages?
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Hello Hermione,

Are they spayed & neutered yet? If not, that might help. If Chewy is not neutered, that may explain his aggressive behavior - taking him to the vet for neutering ASAP should help.

If they are both already spayed & neutered, you might want to try Feliway, as Hissy suggested - you can get it at most pet supply stores. It comes with directions on how to use it.

One thing to try which worked for 2 of my cats that weren't getting along is to try separating them, and reintroducing them again following the hints in this article:
Introducing Cats

and this thread:Introducing a new cat to your old cat

There's a vanilla extract trick in there where you put a tiny dab under each cat's chin and at the base of each cat's tail (on top, not on the bottom). You might want to try that in combination with the Feliway before resorting to separation & reintroduction.
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Yes, they are neutered and spayed, shortly after I got the momma.
Have comfort zone in the bedroom. No help. She is almost 2 now and he will be 1 in march.

At this time I cannot separate them because the only place I have is the back porch and it is too cold right now. Can't keep Chewy in as he does naughty things in my bed and then he finds a way out somehow thru the dryer vent. Thought I had it fixed but apparently not as he was outside the other day when I had the doggie door shut.

Thank you all for trying to help.
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