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is using a shampoo with avacodo in it harmful to cats?
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Please only use pet shampoo on your critters. Any product that is good for humans to use coould be potentially dangerous for animals. If you don't have any pet shampoo use a few drops of Dawn dishwashing lotion in a bucket of warm water and do a soapy rinse over the cat.
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it is a pet shampoo, but it says it is for dogs and horses. it is an awesome apple oatmeal shampoo that would be great for winter itchy dry skin. have you heard any bad things about avacodos and cats?
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You need to read the list of the ingredience and not just what is printed on the lable - you want to make sure that is DOES NOT contain essential oils such as Tee Tree Oil which can create major neurological havoc with Cats.
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I don't know about avocado as a specific ingredient - but personally I would be wary of any product that doesn't specifically list cats on the label - cats are much more sensitive to chemicals than dogs & horses, and have more sensitive skin, too. If a product is safe for cats, it will usually mention on the label that it is safe for cats, too. If it doesn't, I wouldn't risk it - there's a chance it could make your kitty sick.

There are lots of pet shampoos available that are safe for cats at the pet store - just check the labels to make sure they list the product as safe for cats, and stay away from Tea Tree oil & essential oils, like Helen suggested. If you are unsure about the ingredients, you can always check with a vet to be safe.
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Is tea tree oil only harmful if ingested? Because I got some ear swabs and they have tea tree oil in them.

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I don't know the answer to that but just in case I'd recommend asking your vet.

Just a caution - be VERY careful about using swabs near your cat's ears. I never thought twice about it until one day I was cleaning Mr. Underfoot's ears with one & he suddenly jerked his head. The swab ruptured his eardrum. He had to be hospitalized b/c he couldn't keep his balance or eat. He recovered and his eardrum has healed, but I'll never use a swab for ear cleaning again. Wipes or cotton balls are safer.
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Thanks I will get some wipes.
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Tee Tree oil was an ingredient in Shampoo and caused terrible neurological problems in some cats - also topical as would be the case in Swabes!!!! I would stay away from ANY product that contained tee tree oil or essential oils - I just would not take the chance.
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