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Hello all. I wanted to update everyone on the situation with my client who at first wanted to re-home her cat and I talked her into keeping her and getting it a buddy instead (which is really what she wanted to do all along). Her husband told her no. She went behind his back and adopted what I thought was an 8 yr-old grey female. That one had an eye infection so the shelter gave her another cat instead. This one is a DARLING plump, talkative Calico about 5 years old. This one and her original cat were tolerating each other during my intro and then the new one came down with a URI. I spent my client's money (for a change) at the vet and got her on some clavamox. Now she is all better and she and the original cat have been out together and more or less getting along o.k for the past three weeks. I am delighted and will post pics of the two soon.

Oh yes, her husband met the new cat and didn't protest (too much).
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Don't ya just love happy endings?????
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aww I wanna see pics now!

Glad things worked out!
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Gee, that's nice news
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Excellent!!!! Lets hope they all bond and the husband ends up loving the new addition. In my experience that does tend to happen in the end . . .
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What a lovely, happy ending!.

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I'm glad it all worked out
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