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Zodiac Comparisons (you and your mate)

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I'm a Libra, my Fiance is a Gemini.
(Yes we ARE CRAZY!!)

I was wondering about you guys!
How about it?
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Hmm okay .. here goes.

I'm an Aries... and Craig is a Leo.

Ram and Lion.. our relationship is never boring to say the least

You can see a picture of us two in a previous thread of mine if you want. The name of the thread is "A picture of Craig and I.. look at your own risk"

There ya go!
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Well I'm a Gemini and they say my best matches are with Aquarius and LIbras. But I married a Scorpio .. go figure!!
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Nate says I act more like a Scorpio than a Libra, but he still loves me!
And his best friend is a Scorpio too, I think you guys just love the Drama!!!
never a dull moment...

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Well, I am a Gemini and my Fiance is a Virgo. Everything I have heard about this combination is not so good. We are very different from one another but we love each other very much - that's all I need!
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Nate is one lucky dude!


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I am a Sagittarius and my hubby is a Scorpio. From what I have read an unlikely couple. But we have been together for twenty years so we must be doing something right. Not to say there havent been some rough times.We are so totally different.
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Hey vlinder, I'm a gemini & I married a scorpio, too
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Oh that's cool dodo.... we must compare birthdays then ...
My bday is June 16 and my hubby's is November 16.
I think it's the 2 sets of matching 16's that make us magical!!

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are SILLY!!

I fit right it!!

post #11 of 23 birthday is November 16th also!

I'm a scorpio who married a pices.
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Well Im a Capricorn and I married a Sagittarius, I have no idea what that means as I have no idea about this sort of thing!! (I had to look in the dictionary to find out how to spell Sagittarius!!) :laughing:

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vlinder, my birthday is May 29 & my husband's is November 6..

it seems like we don't have a common, magical number

oh well, we are ok w/o the number, too
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Heather Locklear & Will Smith have the same B-DAY as me
September 25th!

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I'm an Aries and my fiance is a Cancer. Fire and water, hmm, but we seem to be doing ok so far! (After 11 years together)
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WashuSamu.... (still wish I had a name to call you by... )
Your picture is beautiful!!!!!! You are SO pretty!!! And what a lovely smile you have!!! And your fiance is not to hard on the eyes, either! I wish you BOTH the best of luck, and I am so glad I have met you!!!!!!!

I am a Libra, too!!!! October 6. I will be 36

My hubby was born on June 27th. What does that make him?
And are we compatible? (I'm afraid to ask..... )
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I'm a Gemini and my husband is a Libra. They say that's a good match. We've been married for 18 years and so far so good!!
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Debby, June 27th is Cancer--a water sign. I think it is compatible with Libra, but I'm not sure. My fiance is also a Cancer, his bday is June 25th. Cancers are said to be moody--I know this is true from personal experience.

Did you have a chance to see Mists of Avalon yet? I'd be happy to send you a tape if not.
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you can call me Michelle.

My mom is a Cancer, and I am a Libra, we DO NOT get along (could be because she is my MOM) but I have never met any Cancer's I got along with.(maybe it's me??)

Thank you for the compliments!! I needed that, I feel Frumpy today.

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We are opposites: I am a Scorpio married to a Sag. Someone told me that certain signs are more compatible in general, but that when it comes to lifemates it's about sun signs and moon signs. Happens my sun's in Scorp. but my moon's in Sag. And she told me this after I'd had several significant relationships with Sag. boys, so it seems valid to me!

Dodo, Nov. 6 is a great birthday!
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Michelle...You are definatley NOT frumpy.... so stop feeling that way!
I may not remember you name is Michelle, but I will try!!!!
If you want you could add it to your signature at the bottom of your post...but that is entirely up to you!
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Another Aries-Leo match! I'm March 29, Greg is August 10th.
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Wow, I'm so happy I saw this thread, I finally have your real name! Michelle, it fits you purrfectly Oh, by the way, I am a Sagittarian and Phil is an Aries I used to like this stuff and I really think it's pretty cool...but I don't follow it anymore. However, I do think that from what I've seen it's pretty accurate.

We're both FIRE signs A little burn baby burn :laughing2 goin on :laughing2

Love, Peace & Michelle this is for you and your boyfriend, I thought you'd get a kick out of it! :laughing2
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