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I Need Some Advice

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I am currently caring for a young stray 7 month old kitty. I am going to be taking him to an animal rescue organization now that he is friendly. The problem is that I have become rather attached to him. I also worry that whoever adopts him will drop him off somewhere if they don't want him anymore. That's how he came to me, someone just dumped him. I realize that I can't have any more cats (I already have 6.) I just wondered if anyone had any tips on dealing with the feelings of loss and sadness that I'm going to have. I know it's in his best interest, but it's still quite hard. I'd appreciate any tips on how to cope that anyone may have.
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Those feelings are natural and if you did NOT feel them I would wonder how much you REALLY cared.
Your best bet is to make sure he goes to an organization that requires its applicants to return the kitty to them if for any reason it is not wanted any longer. That will hopefully prevent him from just ebing dumped.
Our rescue has that written into its adoption agreement as do the majority of the groups in this area.
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That is a good idea. Most organizations also try to do a good job of screening potential adopters to avoid those types of problems. Ask before you leave him there.

It is still tough, though. I recently rehomed an adorable kitten that wrapped himself around my heart. I already have a housefull of pets, though. What gives me comfort is knowing that in my house he would have been loved, but he would also have been an additional physical and financial burden, too. In his new home he is fully loved and appreciated, and has a family that dotes on him and spoils him rotten. He deserves it.
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If you give him up for adoption, it gives you a little space in your household to foster the next poor baby that is dumped on the street. Without that opening, another kitty would be entirely lost.

The line for homeless pets in endless. The first rule of rescue is not to try to save all of them yourself. It is also the hardest rule to follow.
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