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Wednesday DT

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Wow, haven't started one of these in a while!

Man I just do not want to be at work today! Nothing horrible is going on or anything, I just don't feel like working. But I don't want to be at home today either. Earl got promoted to Booking Agent at his club and last night was the first time in about 10 years that they had live bands in there again. Well, the night flopped, less than 100 people (in a 1000 capacity club) showed up, mostly because the radio station that they were supposed to be advertised on "lost" the ad. So they basically had no advertising for the night at all. So he's not feeling good about the whole thing because he worked so hard on it and the turnout was so low. And when Earl is miserable, everyone around him must be miserable too. So of the two, work is a better option.

We're having unseasonably warm weather this week. We've been pushing 60 degrees (F) all week. It's so nice out! Feels more like May than January.

Have a good day everyone!
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Would'nt it be great if we all lived in the same country and near each other, we'd fill the place for him!!!.

It's very cold here in the UK. And a girl in my office had a picture sent to her mobile from her boyfriend who lives down south, and it's snowing there!, lovely?!.

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I can't even see across the road the snow is falling so hard. It is the snow with the huge flakes. Visibility is zero though. I'm glad it was my sister's turn to drive today (she has a Chev Silverado 4 WD). I have to admit - it is beautiful.
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Heidi keep sending me your good weather. We are getting Denver's weather over here in KC the next day. We've been in the 50's (F) most of the week. It's great weather when you have to be out every hour or two with a young puppy (who learned "down" yesterday btw

- "sit" is already old hat with him).

I'm going to try to slip out of work early today to organize my house (not to clean but to get rid of the clutter). I'm actually getting a woman over twice a month to help clean my house who starts tomorrow. She is an animal rescue woman that needs money to pay her vet bills and asked for the work. I posted her story right before Christmas - she was on her way home from Best Friends in Utah when a truck totaled her car. She's still fighting her insurance and the trucking company. She won't take a donation so I agreed to put her to work! I'm almost feeling guilty about this!
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Amy, you should have plenty of good weather coming your way if it's coming from my way. We're supposed to stay in the 50s all the way through the weekend.
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Chalk us up for others who are having lovely 50's temp weather. Its so nice!

Went to a volleyball meeting as I set up my own team and now this girl is taking over - we all had agreed to not let the jerk on, but she decided to invite him and now he is on the team and I told her to invite his girlfriend on the team and she refuses - methinks its because they used to date and she doesnt want to see the new girlfriend around. But then again, when did she decide to let him on the team? The girl is upset that she wasnt invited so another meeting is in order next week to see if it is okay with the team - one other player is upset that we were lied to.

Lets hope that the season is smooth.
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I'm jealous of y'all with the nice weather. We're expecting up to 6 inches of snow by tomorrow

Our mail server at work has been down since Sunday evening. I never realized how much I rely on email at work, until it was gone. And there's no telling when it will be fixed. I feel like I'm in the dark ages again. At least the internet connection is OK

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Not as nice here today, rather windy..

Got up at 11AM this morning, unusual for me I then had a shower and checked my kittens they were all looking at me like mum you let us down, you didn't feed us on time.. Those blue eyes were too much I just broke down and fed them.. heehee

Mum & I went out for lunch at "Cafe Bed", it was sooo yummy. We then stopped by at the local inlet, lovely seeing all the wildlife and then we checked out a house(we're looking to buy!) but it was close to a million dollars..eeek

Shivers, in ten minutes we're leaving for my dentist appointment, going to see what needs done for my teeth..

Catch you all later, Hope everyones having a smasher of a day.
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Today is my first day off in three, yay. Tomorrow we're going to my grama's for a visit and I have to bring up some stuff of her brother's. It a huge bird feeder and an even bigger water wheel. Luckily I got a truck. When I went there, he didn't remember me from my last visit. I don't visit him at all hardly cause I'm usually quite busy...and he's a creepy miser. I know it's a nasty thing to say about my own family but it's a fact not made-up. Even his own sister can't stand him for very long.
Anywho, I went and picked up the stuff and left and tomorrow we leave for the 3 hour drive, yay.

I have to clean my house and I'm totally not motivated. It's 4:30pm and it's almost dark. It's wet out and boring. blah.

ok talk to y'all soon,
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The day started out, fairly decently but, went to $#1+. By noon, it was cold and windy, with sprinkles. At breaktime (3:00 p.m.), it was cold and rainy and it is still cold and damp. Yuck!

I was up, at 3:00 a.m. and it was warmer then, than at 3:00 p.m.!

At least, work is going well. I got assessed, yesterday and got two 100%s and a 98%. Looks as though I am on track, to get promoted, when the collections ramp-up begins. My supe says that I am on the list. Don't know how far to trust him but, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Got another jury duty notice, yesterday. This time, it is for Superior Court. The last one, for Federal Court, kept getting postponed, until my time was up. Hopefully, so will this one. One of my co-workers went, yesterday and just barely missed being on Diana Ross' trial. The diva made a plea agreement, at the last minute. Tucson is tough on drunk drivers, no matter WHO they are!
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