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Lady Liberty at sunset..(photo)

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taken at dusk on December 29, 2003, from Battery Park at the south end of NYC. The photo is not significantly adjusted other than reducing its size. I was surprised with how the colors turned out.

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Did you take that? omg it's beautiful.

Thank you so much for sharing that with us
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that's so beautiful!
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WOW!!!!! that is just AWESOME!!!
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That's a beautiful picture.
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WHAT a stunning photograph!!!! The sky is amazing and the images of the statue, as ever is quite haunting and beautiful.
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Wow what a great picture and so beautiful .
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Awesome Picture!!
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Beautiful picture, that turned out nice....
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Wow, that is beautiful Lucia! It could be a postcard. Very awe inspiring shot.
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That is beautiful.
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That's a great picture. I've always wanted to visit NYC. Well one of these days I will. Hehe! It looks like it could be a nice postcard.
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I love it! It's so calm and serene! It makes me want to be there.
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Wow - great job !!!
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Very Pretty
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Such a pretty sky!
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That is such a beautiful picture! It should be in a photography magazine.
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That would make a great poster. Thanks for sharing it.
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That is just gorgeous! Have you thought about submitting it to a magazine or contest of some sort?
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She is an awe-inspiring sight. I took an entire roll of film of the Statue of Liberty when I was on the ferry out to her last December. I will have to see if I can dig up the pictures.
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WOW ! That is a cool picture!
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Thanks all! Deb 25, I was dodging the d@mn ferries as I took photos lol. It was around 5PM and they had a bunch lined up waiting to dock for people returning from the Statue & Ellis Island.
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Wow! That's a beautiful picture - and very impressive! Good job!
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