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I have to post this question here because there are so many years of experience on this website. My husband and I are planning on trying to start our own family next year. The one thing that I am concerned about are the 3 cats that we have. I have heard that cats become very jealous around babies and they could harm them. I have a hard time believing this and think that if you are very careful your family can live in harmony, but I have had friends give their cats away because they were scared of harm to the baby. Anyone have any ideas or experience on this subject???
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I sure wish this rumor would die a natural death. It is NOT true and many of our members have proof that you can have babies and cats living in harmony. The rumor started from long ago when it was believed that cats would sit on a baby's face and cover their mouth and smother the infant. But it was just an old wives tail started so long ago.
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Thank you for your input i really appreciate it
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I have two cats and two kids and we live in harmoney.... They did jump up in the crib once to see what all the fuss is about. Gave a firm no.... that was that. Those rumors that have been going around , is just that, rumors old wifes tales. Don't get rid of your cats... there your babies too!! Give it a try and see if it does'nt work out for you all.... Good luck and keep us updated...
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This article from the Humane Society might help you: click here

I'm glad you came here to ask about it.
Yes, you can keep your cats & have a family too.
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