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lemons vs. pee smell

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I used natures miracle on a pee stain that I found that was a day old. It was already dry so none of it could be soaked up so I poured a s#@! load of natures miracle on the entire area, I mean I really soaked it, all the way to the padding. Anyway it's been about four days now and it's completely dry, and it still smells. It is in a tiny bathroom and I've kept the door shut and the ventilator on but it still smells BAD. Should I get my carpet steam cleaned or what???? If I poured a strong lemon and water mixture on it would that cover it up?
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Use vodka, or vinegar. It sounds like you got a bad batch of Nature's Miracle- did you check the expiration date?
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It didn't have an expiration date that I can see.. It's the "just for cats" formula though. I just got it at petsmart.
Vodka really works?? How much should I put on a 2 by 2 foot area?(pint, quart, gallon what?) Strait or diluted, and should I pour it on and soak it up or pour and blot?

Oh, and how long will my bathroom smell like booze? Sorry for the questions but this STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It may be that you will have to pull up the carpet and the pad and ditch them and put down new. Urine spreads rapidly and promotes bacterial decay if left to long. I know when my mother-in-law was finally removed from her home, the stench of all the cat urine was unbearable. Everything had to be tossed out, carpet ripped up and linoleum too- most if it had already started to fall apart because of the cat pee.
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Thanks, but I think I'll try the vodka first!! I live in an apartment and have no IDEA how much it will cost to redo a bathroom, but if the liquor fails I'll replace my five by five foot bathroom's carpet and smell the sweet smell of CLEAN!!
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Woooo I feel for you.... been there, I wish I had known about vodka before. We had to put a new rug. Sometimes there is some nice floor tile under the carpet....good luck.... let us know how it turns out for you...
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MA, I can't remember, with the vodka, to make the smell go away, do you pour it over the stain or drink it?

Just teasing

By the way, maybe you posted about it elsewhere and I missed it, but make sure you address the problem behind the peeing. It could be something medical, or something behavioral. We have several relevant articles in the care and behavior sections.
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The 2 bottles of Nature's Miracle I bought recently did not have an expiration date on them. How long does it keep?

fsttrk - I've used OxiClean and Nature's Miracle to rid my carpet of urine smell. If that didn't work, I sprayed or poured Febreeze on the spot too. Sometimes it also takes more than one application of any of the products.
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I did a second application of natures miracle yesterday and finished up the gallon. If when that dries there is still a smell then I'm trying the vodka thing. If that fails, the fabreeze idea sounds promising.
Oh, and Anne, I know why she peed on the carpet. I have 8 cats and only two litterboxes , and the one that did it is intimidated by the other cats and doesn't like to travel to the location in fear of getting attacked. I live in an apartment and have been taking in the strays that I find and adopting them into new furrever homes and the peeing kitty I'm attempting to place next into a single cat household. Thankx for all the ideas and I'll let ya know how the carpet thing goes!
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I would definitely add some more litterboxes, or get on giant plastic tub and clean it often.
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Yeah, since the addition of three more cats I've been meaning to. As it is I'm cleaning the boxes at least four times a day, or when someone really makes it stink. It's a one bedroom loft apartment and there's just not that many places to put them!! I've actually been thinking about buying one or more pieces of the litterbox furniture (or making my own). They are so neat! The site I went to (I don't remember what the address is) had many different choices from end tables to desks and so on. They are just sooooo expensive though, at least for a college student!!
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