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Rolling back/fur

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I remember reading here at some point about a disease which symptom is the cats fur/back rolls in a wave by itself. Does anyone know anything about this? Can that happen just normally? Thanks...
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It is called Feline Hyperesthisia and there are other more severe symptoms to accompany it. Running in small circles until exhausted, when the back is touched, the skin not only rolls, but the cat will bite you for trying to pet her. If you cat has all these symptoms please get her to the vet QUICKLY!
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Can it happen to kittens? My cat is about 5 months old.. and i noticed his fur rolling by itself... He seems to like being pet though.. I haven't noticed him running in small circles... he pounces on things and runs around and acts crazy.. but he is a kitten... That's the hard part... I can't tell whether some of the stuff he does is normal kitten behavior or if something's wrong with him. I've never had a cat before.
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I would suggest you take him to the vet JUST to be sure. I know it's an additional cost, but it might be worth it for the peace of mind that nothing is wrong.
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Weird. I have never heard of this. Are you talking about how sometimes the cats back fur will twitch and it will look like its moving? I guess that's how to describe it. I've seen Zoey do this occasionally but its just something they do and I think its normal.
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With feline hyperesthesia the other symptoms are there. The biting will be severe, the circles will start large and get smaller and smaller until the cat collapses panting. It does not sound like your cat has this (Thank God) It is hard to watch a cat go through this-
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