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You gotta see these t-shirts!

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Puts a whole new spin for rescue workers. These are truly priceless. My fave is the "Keeps Having Babies" one.
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I would like one of each please!!! ROTFL!!!!
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Oh now they are clever. I want one or six Thanks for sharing Heidi. Priceless!
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Those are hysterical!!!

Yesterday at the SPCA in my town (I'm a volunteer) someone returned a dog that they adopted the day before because he didn't get along with their cats and would bark at them and scare them. THEY HAD HIM JUST ONE NIGHT!!!!! He is this sweet little cocker spaniel boy too. I couldn't believe that someone would take a dog from a shelter and bring him to a new home with new people and strange cats, and return him within 24 hours because he wasn't ready to be best friends with the kitties in the first night.

Anyway thanks for the good laugh Heidi! It's always good to try and find humor in things like that!
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That is to cute, and a little sad at the same time. Really shows you how are world his .All those poor dog and cats.....
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Sooo funny!.

Very similar to a calendar my friend just bought for me.

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I see presents for our foster parents at Help Humane in their near future. These are absolutely hysterical!! Thanks for sharing.
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LOL!!! I love the disobeys one.
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They are all cute!! Too funny
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OMG, that is too funny. Loved the marks in the house one.
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Oh, those T-shirts are great! All of them.
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Love it!
Those are great.
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I love them , my favored is the marking , moving and the baby to funny .
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Now I want to become a volunteer just so I can wear one of those shirts at work.
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