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The Great Hunt!!!!

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We have met the Enemy...and he SQUEAKS!!!!:LOL:

This morning The Boys found themselves a mouse in the front room. They thundered hither and yon,up and down,in and out...hot on the trail. Every time wee Mousie ran under the sofa or whatever cover he could find they hunkered down at each end and gave me THE LOOK!! "Chase him out to us Big Brother".:LOL: So it's move furniture...chase mouse..move furniture..chase mouse. Now this is all well and good..except I'm trying to catch Mousie and put him out.:LOL: :LOL:

After a time Mouse simply surrendered...sat in the middle of the floor expecting The End.:LOL: Both boys took a sniff then walked away. I scooped Mousie up in a cup and carried him out to the woods. He never even tried to get out of the cup. When I sat him down,he squeaked "Thanks" I guess and scurried off.

Lord..I hope he doesn't come back for a re-run!!!! :laughing: :LOL: :LOL:
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LOL! Sounds like you had quite an adventure there KF! My boys are currently sitting in the windowsill. As of yet.. they haven't found any critters to chase. I've seen my friend Mandy's cat drag up some really BIG mice. Quite adorable.. I wouldn't touch it of course.. and it wasn't dead.. her cat just liked to play with them.

I'm just waiting for my boys to bring me home a "prize". :LOL:
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My two little Mighty Hunters are indoor cats, so they don't get the opportunity to hunt other four-footed creatures. They have to be content with the occasional six-footed one. Yes, spiders are a big deal here — not because they're plentiful (quite the contrary), but because they're the only hunting-stimuli for Michaela and Tonya.

The outdoors cat whom I feed has thoughtfully brought me some deceased mice. "And the beat goes on. . . ."


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Ahhhh..... Wayne that is just too cute of a story. I can just picture the boys chasing that poor mouse! Tell me which of the boys is the fastest??? Surely not big ole Tic?

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If you can believe it in a house with 6 adult cats; a mouse will occasionally venture in from the back porch. My two boys (Mo Mo ad Handsome) are the best mousers of the lot and they pretty much do as KittyFoot described; chasing the poor thing thru the entire house until it gives up or dies of fright.
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Hope Wayne will excuse me getting off the subject of the great mouse hunt but reading that reminded me of a photo of my cat Kiki and a poem that he wrote. The poem fits the photo so well you would have thought that he wrote it for that purpose but he didn't. Wayne I also hope you don't mind me posting your poem! I would like to share that all of you.


Kitten in the tall grass
What dreams does your heart dream
Do you dream of jungles dark and wild
What prey do crickets seem

Eyes shut tight, whiskers trembling
Do you sense a mouse nearby
Or is it primal Buffalo
You see in your mind's eye

Dream on my little warrior
Come suppertime you see
You'll be hunting the wild foodbowl
And singing songs with ME!!

by: Wayne Pond
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Thank You, MeMe. I love poetry that I can relate to. I think we can all relate to this one. PLUS It doesn't give me a headache or wear me out emotionally trying to understand it.
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Glad you enjoyed it but I only posted it. KittyFoot is the one that wrote the poem
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Oh Meme!!!!! Thanks for for posting that poem!!! Kittyfoot....what a beautiful poem you wrote!!! And it is so sweet that you let the little mouse go free!
Meme.....I am online now, if you are....I will turn on my Aol, if you will!
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My aol is on and I am talking on ICQ with KittyFoot...
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Thank you for the excellent poem, Kitty Foot! And Meme, is your user name meant to be pronounced like "Mimi" or is it in fact the noun "meme" (something people think is true but really isn't)?

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Meme.....I apologize to you......I wanted so badly to chat with you on AOL, and I saw that you were there....but I had to leave for awhile.....and when I got back.....your name was in the offline section.......please forgive me, I did and still do want to talk to you, the timing just wasn't right tonight....I am sorry!!!!
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Mr. Cat..... well it is just plain ole ME ME .... not the noun form of the word. The grand kids started calling me that and it is a common nick name for grandma's around here.

Debby.....No problem at all. Spent most of the evening talking to Kittyfoot and my sister. But looking forward to talking to you soon.
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Kittyfoot, I really enjoyed your story of your cats chasing a mouse and I am so pleased the mouse was alright MY Felix dos,nt hunt anymore, I think its beacause hes not as fast as he used to be.When Felix is in the garden, the birds go quite close, maybe they know he is not a danger to them

Jenna and Felix
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Dear Wayne :angel2: Thanks for such a great story and what makes it even more wonderful is that you let the little mouse go! awwww...

Oh, and MeMe, awesome timing for that poem! You and Wayne are such a good match!

Love &,

Looks like it's hunting time for this guy...

PS...Hello Princess KittyLove xoxox
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