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Check this out, Spider Bites.

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I'm posting this in warning that we have found about five of these spiders in our house recently and it's actually quite scary because two years ago we imported two persian cats from australia and there was one of these spiders in the cage, MAF didn't do their job obviosuely(which they were paid $23,roughly for in this case. It just shows how easily spiders can be transported from one country to the other.

WARNING. This site isn't for sensitive stomachs.

Click here to see the damage a WHITE TAILED spider bite can do to a young kitten

The owner of the website is the foundation breeder of Spynx cats in New Zealand.

It's just some information to have incase you ever see a spider like this.

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Oh that is terrible! Is the spider really harmful to people too? I hate spiders. EEK!
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!! Thank goodness the little kitty survived those dangerous spiders !! Thanks for the heads up Sam on those spiders!!
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Originally posted by Creepyowl
Oh that is terrible! Is the spider really harmful to people too? I hate spiders. EEK!
Yea, harmful to humans well.. I think it's the only poisnous(sp?) spider we have in New Zealand. I'm not scared of spiders but when I was washing my hands and I saw it leap at me I freaked..
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OMG what a poor baby , he sure look like he was in a lot of pain . I am so happy that the kitten made it though . Thanks for the info Sam . If the spider found a way to you , I am sure it will find a way over here . That is for sure not good news
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Thanks Sam for that information on those spiders. That poor kitty had a terrible lookin' infection. Thank god it healed. Now I'm really going to look out for spiders. I've already caught Koa tryin' to play with this baby Tarantula. And I'm hoping and praying to God that my cats don't catch a Black Widow.
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eek! that's scary.. now i must get rid of all the spiders at home if there's any.. thanks for the info sam!
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I have been bitten by a white tailed spider before - I was bitten in 1998 and where I was bitten, it is still hard under the skin, it feels like I have a donut underneath - its really strange. When the bite becomes infected, it REALLLLLLLY stinks! *shudders* Not all cases end up in necrosis but it really is not very nice.
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We have the black widow and brown recluse spiders, here. The black widow is a problem only for the very old, very young and ill. The brown recluse is more of a problem. due to the tissue necrosis, many people have to have extensive debridement and reconstructive surgery.

Spider venom is a digestive juice and literally dissolves tissue.
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Oh your poor baby..... that is so scary I am so glad your cat is better. to me it look like touch and go for a while. man I hate spiders. I was told if you spray lysol under the bed and corners it keeps them away. Let me tell you Im always spraying... Don't know if it works, but I have'nt seen spiders in a long time......
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Ava - I would be careful about spraying lysol - it is poisonous to cats.
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Oh Kellye, That sucks. Sorry to hear it.

Ava, it wasn't my cat. But a friend of mines

I'm being really careful now, especially when the cats have found a spider and I'm taking no risks.. cough cough paranoid.
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