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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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Who's The Fairest Of Them All?

Why me, Bo!

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Oh gow cute . What a pretty kitty you got
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Bo is gorgeous.. Lovely pictures!!!!!Awww!

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Love when the kitties sit in the sink Cute kitten ya got there
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Bo is a keeper! Please send the first photo to Anne for Caption This!
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Bo is beautiful! I wish Pepper sat in the sink!
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Bo is a sweetie!!
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Awww what a beautiful cat Bo is
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Bo is such a pretty face...
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What a great picture, Bo is so cute.
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What a lovely kitty!!!! Looks a lot like my Mum's longhair tortoiseshell, Tanya.
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Awwww, gorgeous!.

Bo has the same colourings as Rosie.

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That is soooooooo cute.....
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Awwww isn't that cute?! He's beautiful!
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Bo very well could be the fairest of them all. She's beautiful!!
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Thank you all! A little history on Bo:

Little Bo was born in a park along with 3 siblings. This was such a handsome litter (but then aren’t they all). Bo and her sister Button attracted my eye first thing. They were both calico, medium hair, and beautiful. We watched these kittens grow at our nightly feedings wishing we could find them a home. After many trappings and rescues of dumped pet cats, we had pretty much depleted our family/friends that would take, or wanted a cat. All 4 kittens showed up regularly for their feedings and began to grow to the size ready for trapping and fixing. When the time came to do this we brought the drop trap, and within minutes had all 4 kittens. As usual we took them to the vet, had them fixed, ear-tipped, and then released them back to the park where we continued our routine of feeding. Approximately 1 ½ years went by and my attraction to Bo only increased. I would try and touch her, only to have her run in fright under the wood pile. I would sometimes stand and talk to her without her running, but still could not get near her. My mom, who I had lost a few years back, had always wanted a calico and I would think to myself how much my mom would’ve loved to have had her. One evening as I was feeding I got a quick pet on Bo’s back. She flinched, but this time did not run. Each night I would try to pet her, and each time she let me pet her longer and longer until finally letting me pick her up. After that she would wait for the car, run up for her petting, go eat, and then run back for me to pet her more. This was now a regular routine with. One weekend they were having a huge park event which allowed people inside by the cats, where normally this is locked to the public. Kevin & I were worried that Bo might go up to just anyone, so decided to take her home for the weekend only. Since we already had 16 cats I insisted we take in no more….Yea Right…..Bo has never left. She is the most loving cat and will follow me from room to room and sleeps by my side nearly every night taking her paws and wrapping them around my arms. She truly a gift from God, or should I say my MOM! We love her.

When Bo lived at the park...
Bo As A Kitten:

Bo At One Year:
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What is it about cats and sinks??

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So cute! Bo is gorgeous. She looks so soft.

Saki is adorable as always, too. :

I think they like the smooth, cool surface of the sink. Mr. Underfoot will lay in it often, too, and even did when the sink dripped for a little while...he just ignored it & got a little damp.
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