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Cat E-Cards Problem

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I was trying to send a cat e-card, but it won't let me. I filled out the form after choosing one of the cards and then it took me to a screen that said:

Postcard Form Error
Recipient email address:(gives the recipient e-mail address)
Username: duplicate letters

What should I do? Am I doing something wrong?
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I just tested it and sent one and it worked fine for me, which card was it? Have you tried sending others besides the one?
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I just tried sending a different card and it did the same thing. I was trying to send one of the captioned cards. Could I be doing something wrong? I filled in all of the information. In the section for my name, I am suppose to put my real name and not my user name, right? The error message just keeps saying something about the user name having duplicate letters - and that part (User name: duplicate letters) is also italicized in the error message. I forgot to mention that.
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I also sent a cat e-card with no problems.
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Then why does it hate me? I just tried it again (several times). I've tried different cards, I even tried it with no music (tried all that I can think of), it still gives me the same message. I don't understand what the problem is. I double-checked all of my information. I seem to be the only one having this problem. I've been able to send e-cards before, but never from this web site. What could I be doing wrong? Isn't there anybody who can help me figure this out?
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Maybe try it again on a different day?

Maybe you were using a browser that doesn't work with them, perhaps try a different browser...

Hmm not sure. Good luck!
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It seems that perhaps it is just an error that is occuring w/ your browser/pc/internet connection.
I also tried it and it worked fine.
Perhaps try using Internet Explorer, or Netscape if you are using something else.
Good luck
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Lisa, Can you please post your operations systen and browser details? Perhaps you stumbled on a bug that was hiterto undetected. If you let me have all the details I will forward the complaint to the programmer. Thank you!
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I am using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.0. Is there any other information you need?
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Not that I can think of - I'll let you know if he'll be asking for anything more. You'll have to be patient though as the whole thing could take a while. Thank you for reporting the problem!
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