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Closing the door on a feral cat...not in a bad way 😀

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New to this site and new to the whole cat thing. To be honest with you I never really liked cats but we have one in our apartment block that has made his (or her!) way into Our heart.

When we first moved in we noticed this cat, not sure if it's feral or a stray but he belongs to no one in our apt block even though a few people do leave food out for him. he was a bit run down looking so we brought some cat good and started feeding him so we knew he'd be getting some goodness out of it rather that just giving the usual tit bits that the others seemed to leave.

We feed him twice a day and he looks much better now. But a few months ago we started feeding him in the apt and he would come in eat and go ( he must be a male smile.gif) but lately he has started having a look around and hanging around more usually on the our door mat looking out the door.

Twice now the door has slammed when he's been eating because of the wind and he has freaked out and as soon as we've opened him he had fled but he does come back.

Our problem is it is now October and the nights are getting cold so him sitting on the doorstep with the door open is not working really. Does anyone have any ideas how we can shut the door but not scare him or at least start doing things to move in that direction.

Thanks for your help
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First off thank you for wanting to help this sweet one.  He sounds like a stray who has developed feral like tendencies.  It is very common that when the door closes they freak.  In order to feel safe, they need an exit at all times.  You have the choice to bring him inside and make him a full time indoor only cat or build him a cozy winter shelter for outside. 


Yet the first thing I would do, is to get him to the vet.  You need to be sure he/she is spayed/neutered.  This is essential.  You also will want the cat to be vaccinnated as well as dewormed. 


If you plan to bring him inside, I would suggest giving him a room of his own to get used to inside living.  Make the room very cat proof.  If there is a bed in the room, place it flat on the floor or pick it up.  If you don't the cat will run under and hide making is almost impossible to get out.  Next block off behind heavy furniture.  You don't want him squeezing into a small hiding place.


Do have an old box or cat tree with a hiding box for him to safely hide.  Have a litter box on one side of the room and fresh water and food on the other side.  If there is a window in the room, keep it closed and secure blinds or curtains.  It may take him a few days to adjust, but it does happen.  You can use Feliway diffusers to help as well as Composure calming treats.


He may yowl and carry on, but it does stop after a few days. 


If you want to build him an outside shelter instead, there are tons and tons of ideas.  Just let me know and I can provide some links or do a google image search on feral cat winter shelters.

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