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Need Some Help Here!

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I've been trying for a while to get my sister to join up on the cat site. She still has not done it yet. I even gave her full instructions on where to go to register. She loves cats almost as much as me. I really think she would enjoy this web site. I told her about how nice everybody is here, about how much fun it is to come on and talk to everyone, and about how much help everyone can be. I just can't her to come on and check it out. What should I do to get her to go for it? I need some help convincing her.
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Maybe one day when you're with her, show her or if you don't live close you could email her the page, "Right click" and send this page and a page will send or maybe(with someones permission, of course ) you could send some kitty photos to show her whats available.. *sigh* I don't really know, but good luck!
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Just let her lurk for awhile and make up her own mind. Forcing her to join will put a damper on joining in and of itself. Let it be her choice, not something you dog her into.
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How about sending your sister a couple of links in an email, to some of the pages here. Find a thread you think she might find interesting.

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I just got an e-mail from my sister saying that she registered. But she says that she got an e-mail saying that she is waiting on something about a moderation queue to be added to the forum. What does that mean? Also, will she have to activate her account or anything?
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Whoever registers will get an email that'll thank them for joining and will give them a link to click on, which will activate her account. Sometimes it takes a while. Hope I've helped!
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