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Hello everyone,

I'm new here. I just joined yesterday. This is such an awesome site! I found it while surfing and just had to join. I'm owned by one 12 year old male cat named Tiger. He's dark, solid gray, with short hair and green eyes. He doesn't look anything like a Tiger, but he was already named when I adopted him about 8 years ago, and I thought best to let him keep his name. I found him through the newspaper classified ads. He really needed a home. He's a very spoiled boy, but he's very sweet. He has a paper fetish. He doesn't care for toys or even catnip, but he'll attack and eat any kind of paper every chance he can get! I love all things that are cat-related. I love cat books, stamps, movies, figurines, artwork, etc. I have a cat stamp collection, and I just started reading a book entitled "Milk Treading," by Nick Smith, about a cat who's a reporter. The cat's name is Julius Kyle.
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Welcome to this site enjoy your stay
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you found us here. No matter how different we are, everyone here has one big thing in common - we LOVE cats!!!

Tiger sounds like a wonderful kitty. I'm glad you were there to give him a wonderful forever home when he needed it.
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Good for you adopting Tiger! Sounds like he has a great home too. Welcome to our Home away from Home, or is it Our Home Within Our Home.... LOL At any rate, welcome to a really nice place to hang out.

P.S.- we love pictures!
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Thanks for the warm welcome! And love all of your pictures and artwork in your signature, Hissy. I'm kind of new to this type of forum, so hopefully, in time, I'll be able to do the same things with my posts. Tiger's a sweet boy; right now he's asleep right next to the computer, on his back, with his tummy showing! LOL
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you and Tiger.
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Welcome to the site Roxanne & Tiger, it's great fun!!

Susan and Rosie
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Hi there, welcome to TCS!
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Hi and WELCOMEI have 2 cats Newman and Cosmo, Cosmo is the paper boy I will be cutting coupons, he'll jump up on the table for the ones I've crumpled up . Glad you have Tiger in your live.....
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Hi Roxanne!

My 6 kitties & I would like to welcome you & your kitten - Tiger to the site!! I feel all cats are kittens, all the years of their life! One of my 6 is named Tiger, he is only 3 yrs old. The others are Charlie, the little lion; Cheyenne, Little Heart, Smokey Bear & Romeo M.
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Aww thanks, guys!! We really feel at home here already! As soon as I learn how to post pictures, I'll get Tiger's pic up.
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Hi and welcome look forward to the pics
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Hi Roxanne, Welcome to TCS, to you and your puss, Tiger. Thank you for giving him a home when he needed it, that was a lovely thing to do. Can't wait to see his picture. Hugs Sam!
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