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Nasty mama cat!

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Our mother cat was so sweet when we took her in, but when we found out she was pregnant she's been a pill - she swiped at anyone who came near, hissed and growled regularly, and was generally not nice. We credited this to her extreme discomfort from the pregnancy (she was huge!)

When the kittens were born, the mother cat returned to her pleasant self. She purred and rubbed against our legs. However, soon her mother cat instincts set in, and she became a pill again. She attacks anyone whom she sees as a harm to her kittens, whether we be sleeping or in a completely different part of the house. Once she leapt onto my back and I looked like a beaten refugee for weeks (bruises and cuts ALL OVER my back). Everyone's ankles are injured and we all live in fear of this little white cat. We've had litters of kittens before, and the mother has NEVER been so vicious! Can anyone relate to this? Is there anything we can do? I'm a rare blood type!
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Theres not much you can do about this. Some cats are more prone to this response. My best suggestion would be to get through kitten hood, maybe put her in just one room with her kittens and be prepared when you go in. She should calm down when they start to eat on their own. Then make sure and get her spayed so you dont have to go through this again. Good luck!!
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We do have a designated "kitten room," however, she's learned to open doors...reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park:

"Do you think we're safe?"

"Unless raptors have learned to open doors."

Or something along those lines.
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How about locking the door ?

And please get get her spayed as soon as the kittens are weaned.
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