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Applied for a new addition today.

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It's a little Shih Tzu doggie! I've been wanting one for about 20 years! There are about 5 of them I found on petfinder that are here in Utah! The ones I'm interested in are Pebbles who is female 3 years old. The other is male named Michael Jordan (MJ). I'd probably rename him Stockton (for John Stockton of the UTah Jazz!) LOL I'll probably know more in the next few days!
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Good luck Tamme!
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Awesome Tamme Good luck with getting a new baby
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Good luck
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Good luck, my best friend's female just had 6 puppies- she loves these dogs and swears by their disposition-
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Well I'm not getting either of the ones I told you about. My choice. It seems kind of fishy. I filled out the application and emailed some questions including, "Can I come out and see the dogs?" They just emailed me back and said NO! Can you believe it?? And their adoption fee is $250 which you send before you're even approved.
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Holy Crow! I smell a rat!
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excuse me ??? I would look at some othet places , that don't sound to good .
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Originally posted by hissy
Holy Crow! I smell a rat!
Yeah, that's what I said! You and Hedi hit the nail on the head. I couldn't believe it. I'm heart broken. <sigh>

Hissy, I'm going to check out the link you sent later. I also have a friend, who has a friend that has 3 shih tzu's and might want to find a home for one of them. He is new and the other two don't like him.
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Congratulations on making the decision to adopt!! The way things are going, this is turning into the cat and dog site! What is about the first of the year that drives all of us to adopt puppies and dogs? I hope you find the perfect ShihTzu!!
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Good luck in your search now that you've made the big decision! I hope you find a better resource than the ones you looked up on petfinder - their response sounds very fishy indeed.

Well, keep updating and I hope you have a new addition soon!
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Good luck with finding one.. They are gorgeous dogs and I know your house will be the perfect home..
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This is one breed where there are more potential homes than dogs. When we would get one in our shelter there would be an immediate waiting list. My sister has one and loves him dearly (along with her other 4 dogs and two cats.)

Because of the HUGE demand for this breed there are a LOT of back yard breeders - meaning a lot of health problems within the breed. Be careful where you get the dog. This is a breed that will be extremely difficult to find through a shelter or rescue group. If this is the breed you want there are plenty of reputable breeders, it's just a matter of finding one.

OK, before anyone gets upset - I am an extremely stong supporter of shelters, rescue, etc. All of our dogs are from a shelter, and all our cats are either shelter cats or rescued strays/feral. I'm also a member of Siberian Husky Rescue. I also know that certain breeds of dog are rarely seen in rescue. And, just like with cats, RESPONSIBLE breeding is important and appropriate.

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How is the search going? My mum has a Shih tzu called Freya who is the sweetest natured little thing. For many years my parents bred Pekingese. some of their dogs went on to Crufts. I love Pegingese puppies - just like little kittens - and as adult dogs they are loyal and protective and just so cute. (and not yappy!!!) Apparently there is a Peke faced Perian cat which is the best of both worlds as far as I can see.
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I haven't had time to look further. My new job is killing me! I'll do more looking over the weekend! I may just save up and get one from a breeder since the lines at shelters seem so long!
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