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It's a dog question

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My sister is coming home this weekend to do a late Christmas celebration & she is bringing her sweet doggie. I would like to get the doggie something for Christmas, but don't really know what. You see she's a 4 year old mixed breed & she doesn't really play with much, not to mention she's a bit on the shy side. So I'm looking for ideas. Toys that dogs who don't really play just can't resist, or any other ideas for dogs that don't play much. Thanks.
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If she don't like to play then why not get her some goody like pigs ears . 99 % of all dogs like them . They have at wal-mart pig ears in a smaller cut and my dogs all like them .
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I would say some special treats that she may not get all the time, like Beggin' Strips or Pupperoni. Rawhide chews are always good. You can also purchase (or they may give them to you if you ask about them) real bones from the butcher department at the grocery store. (Those are kinda nasty, but the dogs LOVE them!)

The toy that our dog growing up just couldn't resist was any small stuffed animal that she could play fetch with inside the house. She was part terrier so she would literally shake the stuffing out of them! LOL
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Get her a KONG indestructible dog toy that I have never seen a dog walk away from. Kenai's has lasted 5 years and she really goes to town on it too.
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My dogs love pig ears, although they get one as a treat nearly every week, they still love them.. Something about that marinate. My dogs love catnip too but we wont go into that Kong's are good.. Maybe a nice pet rug? or a nice new pet bowl? or something. Good luck!
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Pig ears, absolutely. We have five dogs and they each get a pig ear at bed time (we buy them in bulk!) Even though they like other treats these are clearly their favorite, and any other treat at night produces a look of "what's this?"

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Pig's ears! I've never met a dog that didn't love them. If you walk thru Petsmart, you'll notice that they keep in them low bins so the dog can grab one themself as they walk by. Most owners feel guilty about their dog putting one in their mouth and so they buy it for them.

If your sister is health conscious, Iam's bisquits are a good choice and avoid the junk foods such as Snausages.

I don't suggest real bones but if you go that route, get the round bones and not a long bone. I gave one to my dogs once and I thought they were going to kill each other (it was the only time they went out of control on us). Never again in my lifetime!
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A "squeaky toy", but get one for babies, because the quality standards are much higher (the whistles don't pop out at the slightest pressure). Tennis balls are also a hit with most dogs.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to think on it. I do have to say that saying she was shy is a nice way of saying shes chicken. She has a soft toy that squeaks, but if it squeaks she gets scared & drops it. She's the sweetest dog & I want to buy her something because I would love to have a dog of my own, but I don't have a life that would be fair to a dog. Sometimes I'm gone 12 hours a day & that's hard enough on my kitties, you can't do that with a dog.
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A nice soft toy would sound like a good idea, or the pig's ear if she has no stomach troubles or allergies. I've heard that lots of dogs like the kongs, mine never play with them. Ever. They only care about kongs when I stuff them with something nice. Real raw bones would be a great treat, good for the teeth too, but if the dog's not used to eating them, you might be giving her diarrhea as a present. For my dogs, Tolstoy would love any kind of treat best since his ruling passion is food, and for Romeo, a tennis ball, gets his prey drive going.

Another thought- does she have a doggie bed? A nice comfy one would be a perfect present, a little more costly though.
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The best thing to put in a kong is peanut butter. It will keep them occupied and happy for quite a while.

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Here's another thought for you: Greenies. They were recommended by the Humane Society vets and also my vet for my puppy. Brought Sampson one home last night and he is in heaven with it.

Here is their web site:

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A nice soft stuffed animal, I had a dog who thought she was hurting them if they squeaked. Does she like to chew? Maybe a nylabone. My dogs love pig ears too, but I get creeped out by the veins I like the idea of a nice bed, every dog loves their own bed. Or perhaps a nice matching collar and leash set.

Kongs are great. For most dogs, they keep the dog quiet and settled. For my Kelpie, it's much funner to throw them around the room (the harder you throw them, the more food flies out of them). I usually just stuff them full of dog food. If you really want to have fun with them, roll up a slice of lunchmeat and put it in there. It will unroll, the dogs have the hardest time getting it out.

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wow i must have a really abnormal puppy.

Bailey wont look twice at a kong no matter how much i try to entice him with it.
And as for peanut butter, that just gives him the runs!
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The Kong is meant to be filled with food & treats. You could try filling it with canned food & some treats. There's also a liver paste that is made by the Kong company you can get at the pet store to fill the kongs with. I fill mine with the dog food that comes in a roll from the pet store...they love that stuff, and it's healthy too.

Even my pickiest (doesn't play with toys, very picky eater) dog loves pig ears and greenies.
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