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Does anyone know of a LOW cost TNR program in NJ?? I spoke to my vet about it. She is very involved with it, even lends out traps, but she charges $100 for females and $75 for a male. I was hoping for something closer to $20-25. Momma cat has a new litter, about 2 months or so old. (They're running around but staying close to momma) I need to catch her, the babies, and at least 3 others. With the weather we are having, I know it can't be done right away. There would be too much danger of them getting caught in the trap for 8 hours or more. But I worry about the kittens in single digit weather.

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Here are some sites with info on low cost spay/neuter:


I hope these help!
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Usually your best bet is to contact a local no kill shelter in your area and find out what vet they use. You can then talk to the people at the shelter if you rescue, either privately or whatever, and they can issue out a spay and neuter certificate that is very inexpensive.
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Here's a link that may help you out:

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Sandy - where in NJ are you? We're up in Warren County and know of a place in Newton (Sussex County).

Also, the State of NJ has a low-cost spay/neuter program. Not all vets participate, but certificates are available. I think the rate is $35 - but you have to find a vet that participates. Try calling around, and if you find one, ask if they have a trap to lend.

In this weather you cannot leave a cat in a trap for eight hours. You're right - that is out of the question.

We've got cold weather trapping experience, so please feel free to ask if you're going to try on your own.

Thank you for caring about these cats! This is a wonderful thing you're trying to do.

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