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Obsessed with certain......

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.....peoples heads I have a question. Sox and Alli, BOTH, LOVE certain peoples hair. When a couple of people come to my house, Sox or Alli (not at the same time) will get on the back of the couch and rub their heads all over the persons head. They try to bury themselves in the persons hair. I've never seen anything like it before. I asked what kind of shampoo they use and it doesn't seem to be a particular one that they like. I just wonder why they do this. They don't do it to me or the other family members. Sometimes when I lay down at night, Sox will come lay next to my head and try to chew my hair, I don't know what that's about either. Can anyone tell me if they've seen this before? Thanks!

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Some human shampoo products have animal renderings in them, and that could be the attraction. I know this one poor lady who really does not like cats, every time she comes here and sits on the couch, she would get attacked by one of my cats- not in a bad way, but Squirrel will go up and lay behind her and pretty soon she would be burying her head in this woman's hair! LOL Now the lady sits out in the car while her hubby does knife business with us. LOL
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What is their hair like? I often get this reaction from cats, because they seem to like my curls. Some of them, including JC, "comb" my hair with their claws. One of my nieces has curly hair, too, and cats do the same thing with her. I don't get the same reaction when I've blowdried my hair straight. My sister's cats won't leave her hair alone when she braids it.
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Unless I put my hair in a bun Jeepers thinks it's fair game. I have changed shampoo several times even using a citrus shampoo has not stopped her.
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Awwww thats so cute!!
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Only one of my cats, Balie, does that - or he used to when he was younger. In bed, he would get up on the pillow and knead in my hair - he'd dribble too!!!

This was mainly when I had long curly permed hair - he recently did it again for a bit, but it seems to be when he's relaxed and he wants to bond.

I do think it might have something to do with the kitten/mother thing - I should have named him Oedipus rather than Baliero!!!
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My cats love my curly..(frizzy ) hair, Yogi used to sit on my pillow for hours neading my hair, while licking and cleaning it.. LOL. It was sooo cute!
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