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ELINOR!!! (or any computer type people!!)

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Arrrggggghhhhh somebody help me!! please before I go into seizure!!!

Elinor kindly resized some pictures for me the other day ( )and sent them back to me via email, I have since tried to attatch them to a post on this site but it says they're not valid (jpg, gif etc) so I tried to do a URL link - which I have no idea how to do - so of course it didn't work!! arrgggghhhhh!!

All I want to do is post some pics of my babies!!

Some one help!!
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When you go to your photo on the web, go up to the address or URL. Click the button down on your mouse and sweep your mouse across the address. This should highlight the URL. Then let up on your button, go to your keyboard and press down your Control button, and "c" button. Let up on those two buttons, then come to the site and post your thread. See the little grey box that appears above the text box you are typing on? Go to the block that says IMG and click your mouse button on it. There will already be an http: there, click on that to highlight it and delete it. Now take your cursor and place it right at the beginning of the box and press your control button and you v button at the same time. This should take the URL of your photo and put it in the thread you started. Then just hit preview to see if it worked, and then the submit button. Good luck!
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First of all, double click into the pictures till it comes up on the screen. Once the picture comes up, go into "file", click "save as". You'll then be prompted to give the file a new name. Down below you'll see File name: (In that box, type a new name (name it picture). Underneath "filename:" you'll see "Save As:" Arrow down to "jpg or jpeg. Once the jpg is in the box and you've named the file, click on OK. That should save it.

Let me know how you make out.

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I cant figure out why your pics are not coming on. I sized them down to the proper amt of bytes. I still have them in my file and will try and see what can be done.
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Trying to post a pic
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It seems to be ok. This is a pic of one of Bodlovers babies. What a sweety. I dont know his or her name though.
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Dear Elinor :angel2:

Great job! Wow, what a good lookin' kitty!

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Thanks again Elinor! Im just a bit brain dead when it comes to computers!! Sadly I gave up cos I was getting mad!! so I cheated and sent them to Anne-Claire (studio224), she posted them for me on a new thread she called "Bodlovers beautiful Cornish Rex....."

Thanks Hissy & Donna for your help!! Now I have calmed down and got my brain together again, I will try and work it out for myself again!!

Thanks all!!

Ps, That little guy is Merlot, and thanks Cat - I think hes rather fine too!! :laughing:
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He IS a cutie!!!! I love the spot above his eye!!! And don't feel bad...I am a computer dummy too!
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