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Hi all, I've been a member for a few months now. I adopted my 2 babies in September '03 from a shelter (not from the same litter). When I brought them home, my little girl was very scared, sick, grossly dehydrated, and only skin and bones. My boy was better, but they both had severe URI's that I had to treat for 2 weeks. I hope my picture has attached to my signature so you can see the cuties. They're both perfectly healthy now and the light of my life. I had them 'fixed' in December when they were barely 5 months old (found them doing something, ahem!). And that's their story. My boy is the white one, my girl is the brown tabby (everyone thinks he's a girl!).
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Let's see if this works...
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Hi Suzie! I'm so glad your babies are healthy and happy now.

In your signature, it looks like all you need to do it add the IMG tags so the picture shows up. In signatures you have to do this by hand. Just add [IMG ] to the beginning of the web address and [/IMG ] (with no spaces between the brackets) to the end and it should show up.
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Thanks valanhb! They're the best.
So there are more pics. Do you know how I would include a pic. to appear on each of my posts at the bottom? I tried to do it editing my profile but just the address is showing up....
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Type [IMG]then the location eg. http://www.mycatspicture.com/1.jpg then [/IMG]

You have to do it manually in the signature field cos there aren't IMG buttons.

ps. Your kitties are cute.
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Your babies are so sweet,and they look so happy... you are a good mommy....
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Welcome to TCS! What pretty kitties you have, I mean handsome for the wee man.

heehee! cya round!
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Hi Suzie and welcome to TCS.

Your babies are adorable and thanks for adopting them.
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Hi Suzie! Welcome to you & your gorgeous kittens!! In 1 of your pic's, your boy looks like an Egyptian statue, they way he is sitting up! And your girl looks like the little tiger of the house, and probably keeps the boy in line! What are their names? I do not see them listed. I like your kitten photo's! Your little girl, looks like my little male: Tiger, born under our garden shed; as well as our other adoptees.
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Thank you all very much for your replies. They are the light of my life, those little cuties. Cat Spirit, their names are actually African (I'm from Kenya).... he is Dre Ndung'u (pronounced Dongo) and Alexi Nduta. We don't call them Dre and Alexi - we put those in because their other names are hard to pronounce, so to make things easier for the vet, etc....
Thank you all again!
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what little cuties
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Welcome to the site Suzie and thank you for adopting those 2 wonderful babies
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Hello and welcome!

Cute kitties
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What unique names! I like them!
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