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Foul Mouthed Teenagers

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Standing waiting for my train home last night, There were two teenage girls(Approx 17/18 years old), and a boy about the same age.

One girl had a baby and a small boy of about 4 years old, and the other also had a baby in her arms.

Now i'm broad minded, and nothing really shocks me, but ' every ' sentence that they spoke, had the 'F' word in!.

I just looked at the small boy and the two babies and thought, "you poor kids, this is how all 3 of you are going to grow up to be, because it's all you know"?!

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That's horrible.

I'm nearly 18, and I admit that I use a lot of words that I shouldn't... but never around young children!

My new year's resolution was to cut down on the swearing. It's hard to catch myself when I slip, but I think I'm cutting down.
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I know what you mean, because i can use the odd bit of language, but to not be bothered using it in front of small children!.

It's so sad.

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That's so sad. I hate seeing little kids with parents (maybe they were siblings?) like that. It's like they're just throwing away their kid's future. They have no chance to be a normal, productive adult when raised by bad influences like that. It's just not fair.
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That reminds me of when I was about 20. I swore like a sailor when I was a teenager because everyone else did and I thought it was "cool". Well, in college I was standing in line behind some girls whose every other word was F this, F that, F you. . . . I thought it sounded so ugly, that I made a promise to never sound like that again.

I would think having a small child would stop them. I know my mom said she stopped swearing in front of me when I was about 18 months old because I repeated a particularly obnoxious phrase. If they haven't stopped by now, they probably won't. Just wait until that girl gets a note from the teacher because her kid said something in class!
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Sad. I swear but never around children.
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I think it goes back to respect of others. It's one thing to cuss like a Marine at a bar or in your own home, but around others in public places it shouldn't happen as frequently as it does. Seems the twenty-somethings and younger are the worst about it. My co-worker has had one of these punks tell her to F--- Off right in front of her 5 year old daughter - and that was in response to her asking them politely not to curse in front of her daughter (they were previously using it as every other word in every sentence).
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I have both sides of this issue. I have 2 aunts that cursed like long-shoremen. Every other word out of their mouth was f* this and F* you. As a matter of fact, we tease one aunt that being called a f*in bast*rd by her is the same as I love you. However, both of these women are in their 80's and will never change.

On the other hand, 2 of my nephews' language are just as bad. They think nothing of going on a rampage of curses when something goes wrong. Both of them learned it from their parents, who learned it in school. Their mother curbed her language around the boys, but not their father. The oldest was suspended for 2 days for calling the teacher a b&tch. With these boys, I call them on the use every time I hear the word. And they correct themselves. Unfortunately, the other kids in school think its COOL

Most of the time, maturity and the workplace changes the need to use those words.
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I have been known to cuss like a sailor when I am in certain situations, but it seems to turn off like a button when the situation warrants, like when there are kids or elders around. My grandmother would have slapped the taste out of my mouth if I had dared say bad words in front of her. It really just never occurred to me to do anythng like that in front of my parents, grandparents, teachers, or even strangers that were my elders. It is unfortunate that it is almost acceptable now. I shudder to think what our kid's grandchildren will find acceptable.
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Teenagers swearing?

Well you guys over there are lucky then.

I've been sworn at by children who are three to finve years of age. They knew what they were saying. They knew it was bad. They knew it was wrong. And don't tell me they were young and their minds don't know the full meanings etc. These kids know. They learnt it from their parents. They do it because it is wrong and for the shock value so that the poor shop assistant goes into a state of shock for a second or two while they make their getaway with stolen goods.

Yes, far too young to understand their actions, far too young to understand what they're saying. Perhaps their parents should be held responsible for their offspring.

And finally, my state government is introducing a bill to force parents to take parenting classes if their children don't go to school, or decide to start making life in the community difficult. And if the parents don't go, they get fined $3000. Though all the do gooders are saying it's targeting the Aboriginals unfairly. Frankly, I see if you have children and don't seek help when things start to go wrong, you should be forced to wake up and get the help needed. I don't believe children decide to do the wrong thing.
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Originally posted by Purr
That's so sad. I hate seeing little kids with parents (maybe they were siblings?) like that. It's like they're just throwing away their kid's future. They have no chance to be a normal, productive adult when raised by bad influences like that. It's just not fair.
I agree
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I do sometimes swear I admit it.

But NEVER infront of elders, children younger than me just on ocassion with my friends or txtin.
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I have been known to use a swear word when the situation warrants it. But never, NEVER in front of children! Not in public where children could overhear me, either.
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I really don't swear, and I dont like it when other people do around me. It makes me alittle uncomfortable. There is really no reason for it, there are other words that can be used instead.
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Teens/children swearing?

Well, if you saw what I have seen here, in that subject, you would think you are whining over follies. The difference is that in my case its Spanish bad words.

My girlfriend, and I have sometimes used such words behind closed doors amongst each other, but never we would use such words in front of small children and adults... it's inmoral. We often have the fame of being able to quite litteraly send someone to he** and make him look like an idiot using fine words
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where i live old people, young people, church people, etc, all swear for absolutely no reason, just in the course of a normal sentence. You get used to it and I also do it a lot however I don't do it in front of kids because I just think its up to the kid's parents to decide what is right and wrong.. But I don't really think a word can really be bad and they don't bother me at all except in professional or serious settings.
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Swearing in public is ignorant and boorish. Most successful people realize this by the time they get to be middle age. Young people who swear are trying to be hip, shocking, tough our are trying to call attention to themselves. Although bad language is heard often on the job, people in high paying positions know when it is appropriate and when it is not. And as far and the young parents swearing in front of their children are concerned, they were probably raised that way themselves. Eventually I think that bad language will lose it's shock appeal and then maybe it will be cool to talk with classy sophistication again. I can only hope.
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I have been known to swear, but NEVER in front of children and NEVER in front of my parents. I don't think they'd mind all that much but I just can't
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