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our D.T for Thursday

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one day until the weekend! (although I'm taking tomorrow off, so the weekend starts sometime today for me)

I do have to go to a show tonight. Some of us from work are going to show our support for a couple of the record labels. shouldn't be a late one though.

Robert will get home sometime tonight. then we will lay around and be lazy tomorrow. I hope we go to the movies.

Donna, I'm SO glad to hear Marina is okay!

Everyone have a wonderful day!
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Hi everyone!
The week's been really frenetic me having to work hard and having so many problems. The good thing is that today i finally have sometime to spend on TCS and tomorrow is friday!!!!
I hope all nasty things go away by monday! And I do believe that next week will be better than the previous two, not only for me but for every one of you!
I love you all!
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Well today is another day of trying to keep cool. We dont have an air conditioner and the temps here are somewhere around 95. Its supposed to cool down tonight. Thankgoodness after a couple of weeks of it. Have to work on my bio for the art show in Sept. Other than that not much going on.

Have a good day all.
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Time to clean the bathroom! and of course.. more packing.

I am almost finished reading all the threads here.. then I'm gonna log into Unix and play around there for a while.. see if any of that stuff can actually sink into my head.

Donna I'm so happy that Marina is ok! to you both!

AP... have a blast this weekend with Robert If you do go to the movies.. I want a report on whatever you see.. I'm a major movie buff!

Everyone else.. I hope you week was wonderful and that your weekend will be that much better!
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Well, today I learned how to be a school data processing clerk. Sat in front of the computer registering kids for 9 hours. It was actually a valuable experience for me, because I never know when I might need to have these skills in the future.

And Cassie, at first I couldn't remember what to do, but after a few hours I was an old pro.

That was the good part of my day. Later I found our proposed new salary contract on the web. Wow, just what will I do with a $200 annual increase? Time to buy a bigger mansion.

Finally, I saw a mother of a former student of mine. She told me that her daughter was sexually assaulted over the summer. It really makes me want to vomit. This kid has a number of strikes against her, due to a crappy home life. She has always been a good student, but I just don't know how much more she can overcome and still succeed. Now she is staying with her grandmother so he won't have to go back to the same school. I told Mom that I would have her up to the house to spend some time with my kids and me. Sorry to have rambled on, but this is a typical example of what the kids at my school face in their lives. Sometimes it just outrages me, and I feel like I have to do something to try and make a difference.
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So Deb, how bad am I gonna look after my daughter starts school on the 30th and then I am taking her out for 6 days in Sept for the cat show in Tampa
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I think you are a wonderful woman. It takes a lot of strength to be able to become apart of those children's lives.. and watch them grow.. especially if they have a hard home life. I didn't have the best home life growing up (Certainly wasn't the worst either).. but I did have some wonderful teachers that taught me a lot more than just certain subjects in school. You are one of those teachers Deb. It takes a lot to do what you do.. and I'm thankful there are people like you out there.

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