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Just got a new Nokia last night - have had a phone since I was 21 - when on call - always have one with me in and out of the office and Carol and I text each other in the day to make sure each are okay. Have one in case son is poorly, have a 2nd for my hobby when out on the field and lose an airplane.
Carol has hers - dont know life without.
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A language question here: As an American, I would write "cell phone", but I've noticed that in many British and Commonwealth publications it is written as one word, i.e., "cellphone", though most of the Brits I know say "mobile (phone)". Are you "skeptical" or "sceptical" about the existence of any kind of spelling norms? Just thought I'd "inquire" or "enquire".
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Originally posted by jcat
A language question here: As an American, I would write "cell phone", but I've noticed that in many British and Commonwealth publications it is written as one word, i.e., "cellphone", though most of the Brits I know say "mobile (phone)". Are you "skeptical" or "sceptical" about the existence of any kind of spelling norms? Just thought I'd "inquire" or "enquire".
I guess it all depends on the "color" (or "colour") of the sky that day
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Originally posted by Momofmany
I use it in weird places, like the time I called my sister in law in North Carolina from the north rim of the Grand Canyon to wish her a happy birthday, or the times we call our friends from concerts and play some of the music to them over the phone.
This is something me and my friends do when we go out drinking. We call it "Drunken-Dial" Usually when a song comes on that reminds you of someone, or... who knows why, it's drunk logic.

When I first got my phone me and my co-workers went crazy text messaging each other. Untill I discovered how much each message was costing me. I use Pay-As-You-Go and my $25 time blocks were being eaten up within a couple of days.

I was pretty anti-cellphone for a long time. I got it as a gift last Christmas. I kinda didn't know what to think when I opened it. But I see it has its uses. Sometimes when I'm out I don't even have it on. But this weekend I had my phone off and my family thought I was dead in a ditch when I didn't come home till late the next evening. So I guess from now on it will be on when I'm out and about. Otherwise I don't even get service in my area as I live in the country.
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Joining the Freak Line: Don't have one, never have and never will. I don't believe in them myself. (Told you I was a freak) I also believe that they are dangerous to your health.
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Ya, just wait till someone goes out and BUYS one for you Hissy. That's what happened to me. When I opened the present I had to keep from scrunching up my nose with distaste.

I figure when I'm out I don't really want to talk to you. I've never been a big phone talker. I'm pretty content with a payphone.

Also, I consider myself to be a pretty good driver, but once I have a phone call.... look out - especially because I drive standard. I don't agree with phones while driving at all, I think that only handsfree models should be legal.
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They tried passing the law for Hands-Free Phone Only(you can only talk on your phone while driving as long as you had both hands on the wheel) back in November, it didn't pass. As long as you can drive while talking on the doesn't bother me. I try to limit myself to talk time on the road though.
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To solve the talking on the cells while driving issue, we have a carphone in our car, now.. after we got it we realised it didn't solve the issue, but at least if you need to grab it in a hurry it's always in the same place, anyone else have a car phone?

As for the spelling, I normally just write cellphone as it's easier and seems to be the norm over here in NZ but when I'm speaking I normally refer to them as Mobiles.. Hmm.. Guess I'm strange.
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I'm another weird one. I actually have a cell phone, but it sits in my truck glove compartment, for emergencies only. I probably use a couple of minutes of talk time every 3 or 4 months. Personally I hate the things.
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My Cellphone is my Home phone. don't have to worry about missing calls cause they find me where ever I go my fave is you call in sick to work boss calls what she thinks in your home phone and instead of being at home in bed your out shopping at the mall and she will never know it just kidding!!!! I could never do that. want to but I can't.
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I just discovered that I have a problem with the new cell phone - JC thinks it's a toy, I guess because it's so small. He never touched the old one, but keeps wanting to bat the new one around! I have to put it in a drawer when recharging it.
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jcat! my dads flatmates dog, picked dads up and took it around the yard, . We got the cellphone back alright.
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Count me in on the freak side... I hardly ever use my home phone, why would I need a cell phone and why would I want to be available all the time? I tend to like my peace and quiet.

It bothers me when I'm in a store and people's phones are going off, or at the movies. I just personally find it disturbing... especially when people are on the phone while they are driving and can't use their blinkers because they only have 1 hand to operate the car
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Another freak here- we don't have one, and I have no desire to get one. Hubby gets the corporate cell from work sometimes when hes on call, and its nothing but a pain in the butt.

I figure if I'm out running errands or otherwise away from my home phone, people can wait until I get back to talk to me. I have voicemail and caller ID , so I'll know they called.
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I gave up my home phone about a year ago and only have a cell phone. I love it. No telemarketers, no unwanted calls whatsoever & for me it's cheaper. Plus I can take it with me where ever I go. Or I can leave it at home/turn it off whenever I want.

This works for me because I'm not fond of telephones and don't spend much time on them at all.
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I was going to hold my peace about the talking while driving thing, even though I don't agree with it. Until this morning, when I almost got creamed by some jackass who was talking on his cell and not paying attention to the fact that he did NOT have the light yet.

We were opposing traffic, northbound (me) had an advance left turn signal, and this character coming southbound was just coming through, despite the fact that the light was not his yet. He did stop in time, but it was closer than I'd like to repeat.

The point of this description is that his hands had nothing to do with the problem. He had quite enough hands for the driving he was engaged in. It was his brain that was elsewhere, and not paying attention. Hands-free won't fix that.

If they pass hands-free only, they'll have to outlaw smoking while driving, sipping your coffee while driving, munching your donut while driving, etc. Your hands are just as involved in those activities as they are with the phone.

But it won't fix the problem, because the problem is attention.

It's not the same as a conversation with someone in the car. That person can see the same things the driver sees, and instinctively put the conversation on hold if circumstances require fuller concentration from the driver. The person on the other end of the phone can't see that, and can inadvertently demand more of the driver's attention than he can realistically give. Unfortunately, it's all too likely that the conversation will get the attention and the driving won't.

Fortunately, anyone likely to call me knows my views, and is not surprised when my phone rings twice, goes live, and they get a hollered "just a sec!", while I find a place to pull over.

OK. I'll get off my soap box now.
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The mobile that I now own is my fourth one. I used to sell them and being in the industry it was important to be seen with a model that was one of the latest ones available. Image was unfortunately everything.

But the one I have now is a Nokia 7250. I love it. It even has a digital camera, though it costs 75c to send a photo or picture message so I don't do it often. I won't be getting another phone for quite a long time.

I also have a work mobile. It stays with me all day so the office can contact me while I'm out driving around on deliveries or on my lunch break. It's not a big deal though I do try my best to get off the road when I answer the darn thing when it rings.

Australia has a hands free only law. It's VERY difficult to police and everyone still uses their phones while driving. There have been many studies shown that driving while talking on your mobile is equivalent to driving while drunk.
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I really dislike it when people drive and talk on the phone. I have a cell but won't talk while I'm driving. It drives me nuts to be behind someone on the phone. They drive really slow and then speed up, then slow down, then speed up. And they seem to forget about using blinkers. Not to mention they are bad lane changers. I've had many a cell phone talker almost side swipe me on the freeway because they really aren't paying attention.

The laws on this vary by state. But the most recent study shows that it's not necessarily holding the phone that is the problem as much as just the distraction of talking on the phone and not paying as close attention.
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