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It's National Clean Your Desk Week

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According to a note I just got. I am so in trouble, it would take me at least a month to clean off my desk!
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Thanks for the reminder MAI gotta clean my own messy desk at work tomorrow !!
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We got us on friday a new corner desk for our pc and so had to clean mine off . Talking about fun here It is unbelievable how much stuff we colected in time and had to through away . But I clean it in one day . Maybe I make a pic of the befor and after the cleaning and the change and post later on
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Hey! I just cleaned out my large cabinet behind my desk. Perhaps I can just shove all the papers in there and close the door!?!?!

Yeah, like I'm gonna have a clean desk!
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Ah... My desk, well it's more of an extra storage centre....

Thanks for the reminder, now If I get bored.. really really bored, I might give it a go! GOOD LUCK!
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You mean there is a desk under here somewhere?!? I haven't seen it in quite a while.
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I showed them! I pushed everything off on the floor, now I just have to wait for National Clean off Your Floor Week-
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I can't clean my desk because then I would have to disturb him, and there's no way I'm ever going to do that!!!!
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Originally posted by hissy
I showed them! I pushed everything off on the floor, now I just have to wait for National Clean off Your Floor Week-
LOL! Good one! I can relate, I push things off to the ground, for "sorting" later .. and then a few days later the computer table is like trash city again..
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My new desk , but don't ask me how long it will stay clean
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I want to see a before shot........think you can mess it up now and take a picture?
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hehehe .

Ok you ask and shall recive , before pic
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Why are you not logged into 'The Cat Site'???.

Snowball is LOL!

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I'll be getting a desk at my new job tomorrow. I should take in the camera and take a before picture LOL! You don't even want to see my desk right now here at home.
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LOL. My desk is so bad that I do my work at my husband's desk or the kitchen table. I clean it up at the end of every semester, filing away all the newspaper clippings, etc.. That's the one place in the house where I let out my "inner pig".
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LOL Hedi I'm to say but that looks like a clean desk in both pictures to me!
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Sam believe me it was not The befor pic just don't show the hole thing , it was a pig style .
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LOL! True.. heehee, glad it's all clean now!
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Did mine yesterday, but then my desk at work isn't the problem, it's my home that's the problem (it's getting better though thanks to FLYLady! because I now have routines).
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Clean my desk I'm afraid that it will fall apart if I clean it Yeah it does need a good cleaning for sure. I will have to attack that soon
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I hate to admit it, but I don't think it's going to happen for me. I haven't even seen my desk in a year or two. That's a job that I don't think I'm ready to tackle yet. I'll have to build up my strength and courage. You never can tell what you might find under there!
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OK, my desk is piled deep, and so is the floor and the whole room. I've been trying to get this office cleaned up for the past three months and making no progress. I guess time to just settle in and get it done.
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Well I bit the bullet today and cleaned my desk! Now I have room for all the trips to lay in the way! LOL My battery died in my camera or I would post a picture-
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Ahhhh I see M.A. no befor picture huh ? But a after picture lol
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