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survivor all-stars

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For those of you curious, They have announced the names of the all stars starting Feb 1st. For those of you who listen to Howard Stern, they announced it today. I heard part of the names:
Amber, Jerri, Colby, Tina, Rudy, Ruppert (yay), Lex

They will have 18 contestants, and then splitting them into 3 teams.

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Very interested, I love Ruppert. thanks Ava
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Thanx for the link.
I cant wait to see this. I went to the link, did all the polls, and now I am just waiting for the show!
Ethan is my favorite, I´m glad he´s on there, cant wait to see more of him. I also really like some of the others there, but some I dont like that much. I would have liked to loose some of them and put some other favorites instead. Well, maybe they had to have some "not so likeable" amongst the tribes, so more people would watch and have opinions... I would have liked to have Elizabeth and her buddy, what was his name again? They were sweet, but maybe they couldnt take more from that particular survivor.
What is your favorite survivor season? Mine is "Ethans" season, the African one.

I wonder why not all the sole survivors are on this show, maybe thei just weren´t interrested
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OMG! That ROCKS! I knew sooner or later they'd have an allstar Survivor! I just had to check out the link...just too drool over Colby! YUMMY!
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I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited about this new Survivor- I'm on pins and needles waiting for it to start- February isn't it? OMG- I'll never last that long.....

They certainly have some volatile mixes in the works there....Jerri vs Lex
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I am excited too - we are even getting it in Oz in Feb as well
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