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Urgent, Beautiful Cats, Please Help!!!!

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I work at the Porter County Animal Shelter in Northwest IN. There are still cats being put down every week, even though it is winter, when it usually slows down.

You can go to my webshots page, to see pictures of just a few of the beauties that are at the shelter and need a home soon:

If you know of any rescue, individual, or program that can rescue, adopt, or help these cats, please let me know ASAP!

Thank you so much.

You can also see the rest of my webshots page at:
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Poor babies I hope they find good homes soon!
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BUMP...thanks, Anne. I hope they do, too!
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giving a bump....hope they find good homes soon
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BUMP, please help them. I often see them each weekend, and wonder if it is the last time I will see them, wondering that if the next time I come back, if they will be in the freezer. Please help.
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I know that all our members have good hearts and most that rescue are full up because they rescue in their area. Have you put up ads around your town in grocery stores, vet offices, feed stores? Called local radio stations? Ours runs free spots for animals in need- usually a country western station has a soft spot for animals. If you have a paper, most of them allow free animal ads as well.

Best of luck. Most of us would love to help, but we are either full up or tapped out with what we already have.

Another option is Petfinders-
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We are with Petfinder, I regularly post on the Petfinder message boards, I put up fliers at the grocery and pet supply stores, they get their pictures in the paper, and I am working on getting the local radio station to announce...
Unfortuanately, there are too many cats and not enough homes for them.
I just thought I would try here to find homes for them, but I know that everyone here has ALOT of cats!
Thank you for the suggestions, though.
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Kutin..try to get involved with some local vet offices...if they have a client who just lost a cat..they will be a great resource for sending people to your shelter. Another thing...go to churches and see if they have bullitin boards and put the fliers there as well. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks, TNR!
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