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Injured feral cat! need to trap..

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GOSH!!! I just saw one of my regular ferals "Giles" come for food and I am APPALLED at the shape he is in! It looks like he has no use of one front paw and can't even put any weight on it. I tried to see if there's any wounds but can't see too well due to it being night but he's definitely wounded. Maybe the paw is broken or is infected? I don't know.. I don't know how long he has had this. I hadn't seen him for a couple days but I thought it was because it was so cold outside and also that I might've missed him so that's why I didn't know until now that he has been injured..

I just called a friend who works primarily with ferals to see if a feral cats clinic called "petworth" I went to before a couple months ago would tend injured ferals also and she said yes soooooooo PLS SEND ME POSITIVE VIBES so I can trap him tmr and get him to the clinic ASAP. He has already left tonite so I know he won't be back tonite. Will have to try tmr - HOPE he shows up tmr!

One thing I am really worried about is if he gets into the trap and gets real upset that he will injure himself worse so if there's any suggestions on how to lessen the chances of him injuring himself worse, PLS PLS let me know. I will have a dark towel over the cage and will immediately transfer him to the bathroom where I will keep him overnite until I get him to the clinic.

I feel so sick right now thinking of how much pain he must be in.. Poor GILES! HOPE he comes back tmr and that I won't have too much trouble trapping him..
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Oh no , that poor baby .

I will say a prayer for him and also pray that you are able to catch him :angel2:
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Pamela...I will think good thoughts for you. Alley Cat Allies monthly clinic is this weekend sooo if you have any questions..I can ask them.

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Sending lots of positive trapping vibes to you Pamela!! I hope you can get Giles all fixed up.
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Sometimes wet food in the cage will keep them distracted for a while, and playing soft classical music might help. Spray the towel with Feliway before you drape it over his cage. Bring him into a room with the least amount of cat smell so he doesn't feel threatened.

Sending positive trapping and stay calm vibes to Giles!!
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I will do that with the wetfood. Unfortunately, I can't use classical music since I don't have any music, tape recorders or any of those musical thingies.. I will rub some feliway on the towel...

TNR- THANKS for ur offer and I'll keep that in mind. I have about 3 ferals that I NEED to get fixed and would love to bring them to that clinic. However, from what I understand, it is primarily for people with lots of ferals?

Anyway, I REALLY hope that he comes back tmr and that I can trap him especially since we might have a bit of snow on Wed and Thurs. Don't want him dealing with his wounds AND trying to find a warm place while snowing..

Will keep u guys posted.
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Hey Pamela....I think it is "preferable" that individuals who only have a few ferals use the Petworth location..only because you are correct..there are some people who have a standing amount every month of around 15 feral cats. I can certainly ask however if I bring a couple of ferals every now and then if that would be an issue. Good Luck trapping him.

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He didn't come tonite!!! Will try again tmr.... Keep ur fingers crossed and keep sending me positive vibes that he'll come SOON and that I can get him trapped and get his wounds tended to ASAP...
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It has always been my experience that when you want them to come around, the sense it and stay hidden. I haven't seen Cyclone since the snowstorm and I fear he came to harm in the bitter cold. I am still hopeful he will return to his special feeder at night (on top of the well house) but for right now, every morning, the food is undisturbed.

Good luck trapping the elusive one!
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I will keep praying for him
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I'm praying that both your Giles and Hissy's Cyclone both show up and are able to accept help.
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Giles showed up last nite! However, I think my trap is too small for him (He's a HUGE cat)... He was able to go into the trap, stretch his head over the trigger part and grab all the tuna then back out of the trap to eat without triggering the trap shut!

I got a better look at his front leg and he has definitely either been shot OR been bitten several times cuz I can see 2-3 holes up high near the elbow area and there's no fur around those holes. It looks a bit swollen.. However, he was putting more weight on it last nite. Not sure if that's a good sign or not..

I emailed a friend in cat rescue field to see if I could borrow a bigger trap from her and am waiting to hear when we can meet so I can get it.. HOPE I can get it tonite so I can trap him either tonite or tmr and get him treated.
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I've borrowed traps from the local animal control and/or my vet. Animal control usually has larger traps. They might ask for a deposit, but usually return it to you when you return the cage.
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Yeah.. I prefer to work with my friend though since I know her. I am going to go pick it up tmr at her work during the day. Keep ur fingers CROSSED that i can trap Giles either tonite (using my small trap) or tmr with the borrowed trap so I can get him treated!

POOR Giles... If he HAS been shot like I think he was, I'll be ready to MURDER someone.. I JUST don't understand WHY people would be so cruel to do stuff like that.
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How frustrating! But....his going into the trap and getting the treat without getting caught will make him more likely to go into the larger trap when you put it out.

Good luck catching this big boy.
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If you can't get a larger trap - since he does go in yours, you can tie a long string to the bar that comes off the pressure pad and manually trigger it when he is in.
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Good news! I saw Giles about an hour ago and he's definitely improving! Still no luck with trapping him but I'm not giving up... He is walking almost normally now- limped once or twice the whole time so he's getting better... Now to get him trapped, get him checked out, get fixed, get shots and give antioiotics.......
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I'm glad he is doing better. I hope you can get him in a trap soon! Please keep us updated.
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Good luck for Giles!! Please keep us posted.
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I GOT HIM!!! I GOT GILES!!!!! He's right now in my bathtub in the trap with a towel over it. I am soooooooo happy I FINALLY trapped him!

Will be taking him to Petworth tmr(clinic dealing primarily with ferals)to have his wounds looked at, neutered and get all the shots.. He is walking fine but the wounds looks raw and open soooo hopefully the vet will be able to fix him up. He's a GORGEOUS cat.. Looks like a bengal kinda and is HUGE. When I started to pick him up in the trap, I had to STRAIN to lift him so he's VERY VERY HEAVY..

Will feel sooo much better knowing he'll get treated for the wounds. I will also ask the vet how the wounds happened (bite wounds or shots?)..

I will also try to take some dig pics of him and post here so u can see for urself how gorgeous and huge he is.
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Good work Pamela!!!
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YES I am so happy that you finaly got him
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Guess what?? I have to laugh at myself. I am jinxed!! Grin. Things NEVER go smoothly for me. It snowed a lot last nite/this am so the feral clinic is closed today and probably tmr so poor Giles will have to be stuck in the trap for a few more days. I'm going to try to transfer him from the current trap into the bigger trap so he can move around a bit easier. (I will place 1 trap against the wall then put the traps doors facing each other then pull the doors open and prod Giles to move into the other trap).
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Hang in there, you are doing a great service for him and I am sure he would rather be inside than outside in the snow .
In about a month after he is fixed, I bet he stays close to you. The three that I have trapped and fixed follow me everywhere outside.. My husband says they think of me as the Food Lady .
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LOL! DON'T tell me that he might start following me around! I ALREADY have that problem with Callie (feral girl I got fixed)and I am already worrying about her -what would happen to her when I move (I won't be living forever in this apt!) and I don't need to be worrying about Giles also!

I am really glad I got to trap him last nite before it started snowing. I would've been very worried about him due to him being wounded.

I tried to transfer him to a bigger trap but had no luck and now I am pretty sure that he is not fully feral.. He isn't afraid of my fingers/hands. I tried to prod him with a stick (softly & lightly)to get him to move, no luck, I used my fingers to move toward him thinking that would frighten him to back away into the bigger trap but he didn't budge and let me touch him. I actually scratched him (I KNOW I SHOULDN'T have done that but) on his head between ears and he just sat there and watched me.. I also shook the trap lightly to try to get him to move.. NO luck..

he's back in my bathtub with a towel over the small trap, with fresh water and tuna in the trap with all lites turned off in the bathroom.
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That is so exciting. It's a bummer that the vet is closed, but your work ensures that this big boy will get the help he needs. Bravo!
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I think I am in shock. I called the clinic just about an hour ago to see what the results of the tests were for Giles and found out he was FIV positive and was already put to sleep.

When I took him in, I filled out a form and marked a box where if he tested positive for FIV to put to sleep (I asked the nurse which was spread easily- FIV or FELV cuz I could never keep the diseases straight and was told FIV was spread easily so I marked FIV option).

What's worse is now I'm worried about Callie and other ferals since the nurse said FIV can be spread thru fights, sharing food and water. I am contacting an organization to see if they can help me trap all and have them tested for FIV. There's no way I can afford to pay for all. For Giles alone with tests, putting to sleep and disposal, the bill was more than I expected!

I will MISS Giles.. He was such a BIG HANDSOME boy. Unfortunately, I don't have any GOOD pics but I do have a few. Pls bear with the poor quality of the pics since most were taken thru the sliding door.
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Another pic of Giles..
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Last pic of Giles.. Now I'm crying! Jeez..
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Oh Pamela, I'm SO sorry!! (((HUGS))) He was a beautiful cat. RIP Giles, at least one person really cared for you.
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