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Florida residents... Any one know of a GSD rescue group?

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I know this is a cat site but... would someone who lives near by check this out?

Is there a German Shepherd Dog rescue in Florida? This is horrible!


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Here are some - hope they help

Florida German Shepherd Rescue
Riverview, FL 33569

Kathy Parrish
Clermont, FL 34711

Kim Bornstein
St. Petersburg, FL
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Dear Heather,

I just saw this thread and this is about 1/2 hour from me. I've been trying to call and frantically trying to contact someone! But, no one answers the dang phone...I'll keep ya posted....

Love &,
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Oh please!!!! Someone!!!! Do not let these dogs be put to sleep!!! They saved the family from dying!!! Is this what they are to get from it??? I would take them if I lived closer....oh Catarina....please keep trying to get ahold of someone before the dogs are killed!!!!!!! I have a German Shepherd, and they are such wonderful animals, this is really upsetting me, this dog saved the lives of the owners, and i can see why the owners can't take them back just yet...till they get back on their feet, and have a place for them...but how dare the humane Society put them to sleep, after what they have done??????????????
Can't they keep them just a little while longer??????????
Catarina....PLEASE let me know what you find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I've emailed everyone in the area that I can - but haven't heard anything back. I can't find the Humane (what a name for a place that puts animals down - often not nicely (1 "Humane" Society drowns their animals!)) Societies phone number =( I'll keep looking though. I do dog rescue but with it being in Florida I have no way to get them up here to Michigan.

Catarina77777 thank you for calling!

Heather V. Havel
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I read in the paper yesterday that the dogs were rescued by an elderly lady who will keep them until the family can take them back.

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that is absolutely wonderful news!!!!!

thanks lotsofcats

for letting us know
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Yes! I did get an email, but it was Saturday and I was told they were rescued. I had told this lady that I would take them, but she had told me prior that there was a line!!! Thank God!
Sorry, for not posting, but thank God everything's okay!
Love &,
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lotsocats and Catarina....thank you both for letting me know these dogs will not be put to sleep....I was worrying!
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