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"Indoor Cat food" & Regular Cat food

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Currently I'm feeding my boys Royal Canin Adult cat food. However, since they are inside all the time I was wondering if it is benificial to buy the Indoor formula that Royal Canin makes? Any opnions? (If so please state your reason so I can make an informed decision.) Thanks.
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From what I understand, indoor formulas usually include more grains that are like what your kitties would munch on outside if they ever roamed around. It also helps them degiest hairballs. Indoor formulas are also usually a lot less caloric, because your kitty is probrably not as active as he/she would be if he/she was romping around outside.

If your kitty is having hairball problems (barfing) or looks like he/she may be gaining a little weight, I would say give the indoor formula a try. If you kitty is really thriving on your regular cat food...stick with it.

Take care!
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If you consider Science Diet Maintenance as regular cat food, then I voted on that one. Mine are all used to it (or other SD formulas), seem to do well with it, and I have no real driver to change. My special need cats might get other types, but only to treat their medical needs.
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I doubt that it really matters, as long as your cats have access to cat grass and aren't overweight. Jamie is allergic to RC, so he doesn't get it, but there's a lot of discussion about it on other forums, with some people mocking the availability of "special formulas" for various breeds, etc., and others praising particular RC formulas to the skies. Our local cat shelter feeds regular "kitten" or "adult" RC to all the cats not on special diets, and I haven't noticed any particular hairball or weight problems.
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I switched to a weight maintence (which is an indoor formula) because on regular food they just kept gaining weight. Since switching, their wieght has stabilized. They aren't losing anything, but at least they aren't getting bigger!
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While Conner was a kitten I kept him on Iams kitten diet (which I would recommend for kittens), When he hit his year mark I slowly switched him to Purina Cat Chow's Adult Indoor Cat Formula. It's wonderful. He loves it,, I used to have to feed him anti hairball paste. Since he's been on this formula he hasnt had a hairbull(6 mos.!!) It is very healthy for cats that stay indoors because they get to enjoy the nutrients that otherwise only outdoor kitties would get. We love it!!
Sanctie and Conner
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I was advised at Dori's last vet visit to put her on indoor cat formula. She is 2 pounds overweight and the Dr. didn't want it to get any further out of hand. Since she eats Innova and they don't make an indoor formula, I put her on their light food. She is doing well, errr, she was until she started these steroid pills and she eats a lot more....
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Well in the last year, we've been through a lot of food changes. First I had to switch to light, then I switched from RC to Wellness. About a month after that there were diarreha issues. So then we went to perscription food, well Issac's weight is ok Jordan & Levi still need to loose weight. Since they have been on the Low Residue food for over 6 months & have been better for quite a while I've decided to try & switch them over to a light food. They did well on RC, but my financial situation has changed (another reason for going off the perscription food) & having added a 3rd cat, I can no longer afford RC. So we are now SLOWLY switching over to Nutro Natural Weight Management. Everything is going well so far & they actually seem to prefer it to the low residue (not really a suprise). I'd really like Levi to loose 1-2 lbs & Jordan to losse about 1-1.5 lbs. Also, I'd like to keep Isaac from becoming over weight especially since I can tell he's got Main Coon in him & I'm afraid he's going to be a big boy.
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I did feed a mix of Purina Chow and Indoor chow, and they did well on it. But I have since just put them on Purina Pro Plans Adult care chicken and rice forumla, and have noticed still no hair balls, good weight..and shinier coats always a plus!
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