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May be getting an offer tomorrow!!

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We listed my grandfather's condo on Jan. 2nd. The condo is 3 bedroom/3 bath and is selling for $39,900. It is pretty cheap! The only bad thing is--it is in a bad part of town. Well, we had one call last week about it, and two different agents showed it this past weekend! Well, one of them asked for a Seller's Disclosure and....


I am so excited..I just don't want to get my hopes up too high...Send positive offer vibes this way! I will keep you guys posted as well!
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will keep are fingers crossed....:angel2:
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I hope it works out well for you.
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Good luck! & cute place.
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I know the feeling of buying and selling!.

Hope it goes through ok!!

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Good luck!
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Good luck! Hope it goes smoothly!
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Woo Hoo--the offer came in a little after 9pm last night! I am glad we got one--but it was for $34,000. Their loan was for over $40K and they are only putting down $1,700. They are going to ask to counter-offer...meaning they will ask for them to pay more for the property. This is a really great thing...hopefully they can come up just a bit. *Keep your fingers crossed* It was nice seeing it though this morning--nice birthday present
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The buyers came up to $36,000 and want an option period, papers will be signed tomorrow...and the estimated closing date is Feb. 12th! Vibes please...that this will all go through!!
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What a long rollercoaster that was!! Those people dragged on and on and on...their final closing date was suppose to be March 22, but never went through with it! So...we ended up getting another contract on it the very next day, so now the new closing date will be within the next 2 weeks! I hope they just hurry and get it over with seems like this process never ends!
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Candie, I sure hope this one works out for you!

We actually lost a great deal on a house because of buyers who weren't what they said they were. The guy was desperate to get rid of the house, and was considering a rent-to-own situation for us. But he got an offer on the house, which really was the ideal thing for him. Come closing day, it turned out the buyer wasn't even CLOSE to qualifying for the amount of the loan! But it was too late for us, we had already renewed our lease by then... I just can't understand why some people do this kind of thing.
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I don't know either, Heidi. Lately, it seems like my company (which is a real estate company) has been having deals fall through ALL the time. I hope things get better soon too because I need a raise!! I have been at my company for a year and 7 months, so I hope things get better soon!
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Crossing my fingers that it goies smoothly!

I am trying my best to help you real estate agents out! Trying to sell my house here in Kentucky and buying one in north-east Ohio. We just got the genreal home inspection done (well is OK, Radon still testing) and they found some mold on some plywood in a crawl space in the attic, and the well resoir is not holding air (still not sure what that means), and the hot water heater is "bubbling" which he indicated that it needs replaces because the sediment in it has gotten too high.

If we get this out (hope hope hope!) I will have to learn about well water, septic systems and water softeners and moss. The yard has tons of moss!

This will be my first home selling (current is my first house) and first buying a second while having a first. My company is helping me pay some of the closeing costs for making me move. They are also helping to get me into a larger house (hence larger closing costs) Since I bought the first one, I've gotten two raises and a husband, so we can afford more. Still going to take some budgetary adjustments. You know that phenomenon: Money expands to buy more things - and then money dissapears!
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We had a time, buying this house. Our first real eastate agent called us, on Thanksgiving and told us that our offer was accepted and we had a deal. He called the next day and said, "Oh, never mind, they DIDN'T sign the deal." I was SO upset. The agent kept jerking us around, with several different stories and I finally told Bill to withdraw the offer.

We went back to house-hunting and contacted the agent, on another house. It wasn't right and we told her about this house. She checked into it and found out that our original agent had lied to us and the owners would accept our offer. We told her to go ahead with the deal. Two weeks later, we were in this house.

I spread the word to everyone, that I know, to avoid that other guy. Its a pain, when you have to depend on someone else and they let you down. Thank goodness, we found Wanda.
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I have the best advantage picking who I want to use when I buy a house...because I have the advantage of getting to know about 35 different ones since I am the receptionist! I have seen my share of who takes their business as important...and I have the ones I wouldn't even recommend my own DOG to use!! Needless to say, one of the agents from my office is the same one I am I recommend that my grandfather use, and he is the same one I will use when Zack and I are ready to buy.
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Good luck, thats a good deal. I'm pretty sure it'll be sold in no time! Ill send my vibes
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