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We broke up.

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The thing is I don't really care. I knew the relationship was going nowhere, it was fun awhle it lasted. I've been keeping my options open for a long time.

Oh well, back to the single life. At least I know the one male in my life I don't have to worry about it Emmett
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You know, if you're apathetic about the break up then it was definitely the best thing to happen. No reason to waste more time in a relationship going nowhere. Single life can be fun, too. And you have more time to spend with the guy who will love you no matter what - Emmett!
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Wow--break ups are hard. Glad you are happy about the split--and now all your attention can go to Emmett; I am sure he isn't complaining!
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I always say the right one is just around the corner. And you do have Emmett
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Sorry to hear it Shawna But you always have Em- hes better than any old human male anyways
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I always think the right one shows up when you least expect it. One day....wham.....he's there for you. Glad to know you made the right choice for yourself!

Give Em extra scritches for me please!
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i guess Em will be happy to be loved by you without having to share you.... at least i know boy boy feels that way nowadays..
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I'm sorry to hear that! Chin up Girl...you'll find the "one" when you least expect it!
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Sorry to hear it as well, Hugs..
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Thanks guys I guess I knew he wasn't the one when he didn't like to hear about my cat all the time.....what's with that??

Seriously, I'm not too worried. Single life is fun, less stress and I find it costs less. I know when I met the man of my dreams. I have a feeling it will be love at first sight.

Still, a little board vibe to find him faster won't hurt much....
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I'm sorry things didn't work out, but don't stress about it. It'll happen when you least expect it.... trust me. If someone had told me three years ago that I'd be engaged and living with someone by now I'd have laughed like a loon. I found him when I wasn't looking, so will you (hopefully not the same someone though!!!
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Yea, been there as well, and still miss him. But, as the saying goes, "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"!.

Rosie picked me up when i was down over my breakup, i'm sure Emmett will do the same!.

Oh god, i've come over all emotional because i'm hormonal!.


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I am sorry too!
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What a bummer. Well, it was probably for the best and I'm glad you're not too upset about it. Just move on with whatever you've learned from him and be a better person b/c of it.
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