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I got the job!!!!

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Yay! I just got a call that they would like me to start ASAP. As I am fully expecting to be laid off tomorrow, I told them I would start on Wednesday. As much as I would like a break between, I can't afford it! They offered me 3k more than I was asking for! I am so psyched. Thank you all for your wishes and prayers, Board Magic does it again!!!!

The only downside: I will be in an office, not working from home. So I won't be on TCS as much during the day.

I'm going to go get some tuna for the kitties and some lunch for me, and we're gonna celebrate!
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major congrats to you. Look on the positive side 3k a year more is excellent - only thing about the work is that we dont get to talk to you as much - dont be a stranger !

Congrats to you

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Yay! That is wonderful! Glad that the board magic worked!
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Congratulations! That's really good news.
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Sue that is fantastic!!! Congrats on landing the job!!!
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Thank you everyone! I am so excited!
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Congrats Sue! That's excellent!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations Sue!!! We're so happy for you! Oh that's just wonderful. So, does this office have a window? what's it like?
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Congratulations! That's great news.
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Congrats!! I am so excited for you!! Celebrate! :daisy:
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Sue, that's absolutely wonderful! I'm so happy for you!
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I am so happy for you yea yea yea My congrats on the new job
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congrats!!! Board magic really works!!!
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That is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!
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Drinks are on Sue!!!
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flash: :flash:
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Congrats Sue that is awesome! I hope all goes well with the new company and job, and that you adjust to office life smoothly lol! It will be hard I'm sure after having the luxury of working at home with the kitties to keep you company!
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