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interested in breeding and showing Tonikese Cats

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I have been doing alot of reseach on the internet and at the local library. I want to start a cattery and breed Tonkinese. I am finding out its not as easy as I thought. Or I am just naive in my thinking. I have three beautiful cats at home. Siamese,persian and a soft grey tabby. Each were a rescue cat either from paws or animals shelters.
I know that i would need to register with a cat association and select a cattery name. What I'm having problems with is finding anyone willing to let me purchase a male or female Tonkinese. What I need advise on his how do I even start? Where do I start?
I would even start showing first but I have also hit a brick wall with that as well. You cant show if the cat is neutered. Please help me! This is not something I am taking lightly. I have always wanted to breed siamese and am now at a point in my life where I can do that. thank you for any advice you could pass my way!!
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I'm not able to give you any advice about starting a cattery, but I do want to encourage you to follow your dream! Is there a breeder in your area you can go to for help?? Do you go to cat shows? Maybe you can find someone there who can help you get started??

Good luck
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I have good news for you – you can indeed show an altered cat at cat shows. It is called the premiership/alter class (depending on what association you show in) and it is considered by many to be the “ideal†way to break into cat shows and breeding.

While most breeders are leery about selling a breeding cat to a stranger (especially a stranger calling them on the phone), they will be much more receptive to someone if she is showing in premiership. By showing in premiership, a new exhibitor learns the ins and outs of showing, show type and what judges are looking for in a show cat, she also (and most importantly) gets to meet and know other breeders who will take her much more seriously when they see she is already participating in cat shows and is interested in learning about the breed.

As someone who shows in the alter class myself, I would suggest attending a CFA or TICA show in your area (probably several shows) and speaking to Tonkinese breeders about getting a show quality spayed/neutered cat or kitten to show in the premiership/alter class. I wouldn’t discuss the whole breeding thing right away, as this tends to spook many breeders (who are very concerned about their cats getting into the wrong hands – kitten mills, etc). Take one thing at a time, be VERY patient (you might not get a cat right away – competitive show cats are not that easy to come by), start showing, show for about a year or so, and THEN, once you know breeders personally, bring up the topic of getting a breeding female from one of them. If you are fortunate, one may offer to mentor you and show you the ropes of breeding/feline husbandry.

Good luck and feel free to private message me if I can help you further.
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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it.
It gives me a starting point at least. I have attended cat shows before but only as a spectator to watch and view all the beautiful cats and dream. I have someone a several hours from me that will have Tonkinese avaliable the end of the month. I need to set up an appointment and go visit them. I dont know whether Im more excited about getting a Tonkinese kitten or getting all me ducks in a row. I really think its the kitten whether he is neutered or not. So I will just have to keep on dreaming about breeding and get the kitten whether I can breed him or not.Just because I love the breed.
Max, my siamese needs someone to keep him on his toes. He doesnt have anyone to play with the other two cats, Trouble and Simon just look down their nose at him in disdain. He does play with our Lab Kisses but she's a bully so he doesnt win the wrestling matches all the time.
She pins him to the floor everytime. Again I want to thank you for taking the time to respond to my message.
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Hi! and congrats in deciding to breed cats, it's something that will hopefully bring you alot of joy.

We started breeding persians because my grandparents had been for the last fifty years, so Nana & Grandad were our mentors, it helps if you know someone or can get to know someone that can help you get on your feet and help you through the way... Perhaps once you have found an ideal tonkinese breeder to purchase a kitten from, check out www.meowhoo.com, and check out the breeders listing--->.. they'll be happy to help you start breeding. I agree showing is a good first step to make friends and learn lots of new stuff.

Feel free to PM me anytime if you have questions.

Breeding 'Captivating' Persians & Exotics.
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pawprints3...it would be great if while you are breeding...you also assisted in "rescue" because there are definately purebred cats that show up in shelters.

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While there are purebred cats at rescues, it would do a potential breeder no good without papwerwork to back it up. While I and my wife are both proponents of "if you don't rescue, then don't breed", it is not for everyone. I would respectfully submit to you that if someone was interested in rescueing & breeding, then they would visit both fourms.
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Breeding is tough for any domestic animal but esspecially cats. I wish you success in following your dream and heart :-)
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i wish you were in toronto!! iv'e always wanted a little tonk...
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Katie, as a breeder I was kind of offended. Not everyone has passions in rescuing, I would like to be involved with rescues one day but at this time it's just not appropriate. Also a rescued cat could never be used for breeding.

Please re think what you posted.

Texasreb, why is breeding hard on a domestic cat?

Yes I agree tonks are soooo cute.
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>>>>"I know that i would need to register with a cat association and select a cattery name. What I'm having problems with is finding anyone willing to let me purchase a male or female Tonkinese. What I need advise on his how do I even start? Where do I start? "<<<<<<<<<<

I've been there. I was told I couldn't have a certain breed, because I was not an "Established cattery". It's just a bit hard to become an established cattery, if you don't have your first cat yet. I got pushed into buying a 2nd. breed first, thinking I had to have something to "establish with". BUT then I discovered I could IMPORT.
It's easy to import cats from foreign countries. You do want 5-gen pedigree's, so that you can show the imports in cat registries here. Shipping fees can be high, but if you buy a pair at a time, usually they can be shipped "in the same shipment" even though they are in separate carriers.
I imported a total of 6 kittens. 4 mo to 7mo old. 4 one year, and 2 the following year. All arrived in good health. It was relatively easy to registar them with CFA and TICA. I got 5 gen. pedigrees on all of them. Each registry has their own set of rules. You can find of them on the internet. I have been able to show the imports in both registries also. You don't need a cattery name to breed cats. Some people will tell you that you do, but that is not true. A cattey name is nice to have. In CFA you have to own at least 3 CFA reg. cats to get a cattery name.
CFA has a HUGE supply of advice, directions, instructions on starting a cattery. Right down to accepted space requirements for cats who are contained. Make sure you read all the information on HEALTH, vaccinations, etc.
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I think I was misunderstood. I have friends who are breeders but because they love the breed of cat...they also occationally rescue cats (of that breed) from time to time. Certainly purebreds do end up in rescue and I wasn't trying to tell you not to breed...just offering that you could also assist the breed if you were to come across one in a shelter. My friends "adopt" these cats out..they do not "breed" cats that they come across in the shelters. If you do not have the time or do not feel compelled to it..that is fine too..it was merely a suggestion.


P.S. I am all for responsible breeding.
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