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Gordon the Orange Tabby

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My newest foster

Gordon is a small, 6 month old, male, orange Tabby who has PURRRRRsonality. He's so lovable; full of headbutts and kisses for anyone at all. He's been with me for only 2 days and he's already nudging me with his nose, batting at my nose and purring like no one has purred before. I lay on the floor and he climbs up on my chest and headbutts me with that cold, wet nose of his, just wanting to be cuddled.

Gordon is the BEST!!! If anyone is interested in snatching up this lover boy, you better hurry. Please PM me.

No pictures yet, but he's a typical orange tabby.


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He sounds like a real cute boy to me . I hope you find him soon a furrever home .
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Karen he sounds lovely, Good luck to finding him a new home.. fast!!
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Thanks all....

Oh..........this guys is such a lover. I don't know if I'll be able to let him go. My hub is quickly falling in love!! He's moving upstairs with our cats because he really needs someone to play with and my other fosters are older and not nearly as playful.

I have a feeling about this little stinker.....he's gonna worm his way into our hearts and not leave.

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Aaaw! It sounds like he has won you over! I hope he gets along with your cats and that y'all decide to keep this sweetie!
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hee hee
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Good luck in finding a new home for Gordon or hope a big smile crosses your face when you decide to adopt him and add him to your pride. I know how it is, my husband and I found ourselves in a similar situation around Christmas time, of course we decided to keep him and now we're so happy cause Tiger also has "PURRRsonality"
And he's not the least bit spoiled, "NOT!"
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Ooooo Karen - I love orange tabbies! I think they are the most mellow, lovable of them all (just ask my Stumpy, Bob, Pinky, Scarlett, Spanky and Oscar). Good luck on your decision to keep this guy!!
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