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HUGE prayers needed

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Guys - a friend of many of ours who used to be a frequent poster needs our thoughts and prayers right now. Bodlover is expecting a baby in March and I have heard through a mutual friend that all is not well. She is in hospital and the baby may have to be delivered early due to health complications for it and the Mother.

This baby is a survivor, nobody thought that it had survived a miscarriage and subsequent procedures but it did!!!

I'm not usually one for this type of post, but this is a friend who used to call TCS home, and the positive energy of many acquaintences might help a lot in this case.
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Sending prayers for your friend and her baby.

Hugs and head butts from myself & Rosie x

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Oh my goodness! Of course Rhea has much positive, healthy energy coming from Colorado!!

Thank you for the information Yola, Rhea will be in my thoughts.
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Sending the best of thoughts and strongest of prayers for Bodlover. I hope all goes well.
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OMG of course all the healthiest of vibes for both mom and baby!!!!!
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SHe is definitely in my thoughts.
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Please give Rhea my best and tell her that her and baby are centered in my prayers. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do.
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Oh my. Please give Rhea my best, I hope that all goes well with the little one. She is in my thoughts. I miss her around here!
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Oh my goodness

I will pray for her and her baby :angel2:
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Adding more prayers and good thoughts! I hope it's not preeclampsia and if it is, that she has a safe c-section. I miss Rhea here as well!
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Sending prayers as well. Please keep us posted!
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Lots of thoughts for her...!!!!!!!!! I hope her and baby are okay. Please if you can, keep us updated.
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sending lots of prayers for her & for her little one.
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Oh NO! I just chatted with Rhea back and forth through e-mail not long ago...I am so sorry to hear she is in the hospital and having problems!!! I am sending up a HUGE prayer for her and the baby!!!! Tell her I am thinking of her if you get the chance!!!!
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Sending mega prayers to her & her baby!
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Sending huge amounts of postive thoughts and prayers toward Rhea and her baby, I hope they will be ok!!!!!

I really miss her too!!! Yola, if it's possible please continue to update us about her!
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Originally posted by Yola
This baby is a survivor, nobody thought that it had survived a miscarriage and subsequent procedures but it did!!!
I'm kind of confused, did this baby have a twin that didn't live???????
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sending positive vibes to the baby and her... hope that everything goes well... will be crossing fingers, toes and as well as boy boy and meow meow's paws... pls keep us updated
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Oh my..... I remember Rhea. Of course she will be in my thoughts and prayers... Her and her baby. Thank You, Yola, for updating us on this.
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I'm kind of confused, did this baby have a twin that didn't live???????
Lorie-Rhea thought she had miscarried and had a D&C done, then found out the baby was still alive and had survived the D&C.

I haven't spoken to her for quite a while, and was wondering how she was doing- thanks for the update Yola. Please tell her I'm thinking of her, Sam and the baby when you speak to her next. I doubt she'll be online for me to talk to in person any time soon.
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tell her we are thinking about her and wishing for a safe rest of her pregancy!
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sending hugs and prayers
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Guys - I will print this out and send it to her in a card (I have her hospital address) . . . I hope all our wishes will make her feel a bit better and put a smile back on her face!!!
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Aw! That's a sweet thing to do, Yola! Kudos!
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In my thoughts
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Yola, please let us know how she is doing, I'm not online as much anymore what with going to college now and studying, but I will check in when I can to see if there is an update. Rhea is a really wonderful kind person and I think the world of her although we don't get to chat as much as we used to a couple years ago.

That's a great idea about sending her the card with this thread printed out!

Rhea...we love you and we are praying for you and the baby!!
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I had wondered how she was doing and what happened to her. Please send her my thoughts and prayers, also. I always enjoyed her posts so much, and thought she must be a lot of fun to be around. She has been missed here.
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Arrrgghhhhh!!! I sent a card with the thread printed out, and then got an email from Jeanie who told me they had moved her to a different hospital!!!!

I will call the original hosp. tomorrow and see if they will forward the card to Rhea. Knowing the NHS the answer will be 'we don't have the resources' but you never know . . .
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Aw! Bummer, I hope they have the heart to forward it on!
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Yola, I just noticed it's Rhea's birthday today. So if you try to send this thread to her again, I have a birthday greeting for her!

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