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Cat presenting

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I think that is the right word. My cat was spayed about two months, but she still sticks her butt up when I scratch her. Is this anything to worry about. On a side note she sat on my lap for the first time at the weekend - yay!
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It is nothing to worry about, perfectly normal reaction in response to the stimulus of scratching the back and the tail section.
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Rosie does this as well!

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We call that "elevator butt"!
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My mom's girl Piper does it too - Sue, we also call it "elevator butt" Great minds think alike . Ground floor to pent house in 0.2 seconds flat!!!
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My two boys do this also. They also always moon me when I pet them. I never heard it called elevator butt. But that is a good one...lol
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Trent and Ophelia both do this. We call it "Caltitude", which I got many years ago from one of the Sniglets books (where they would make up words for common things that there weren't real words for).
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My three do this too. Especially the youngest one...and the closest she can stick her butt in your face the better for her, lol
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