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I have long been cognizant of cats' disdain, for anything labeled "cat toy" but, now I have a dog who picks strange items to play with.

Pearl is a very energtic dog and spends most of her waking hours playing vigorously. She and Ike spend a great deal of time, chasing each other and wrestling. If Ike doesn't want to play, though, Pearl will turn to her toys.

As she likes to play "fetch", I keep her supplied with tennis balls (she eventually eats them) and she has a hunk of knotted rope. These are the only traditional "dog toys", that she's interested in.

At the moment, her favorite "toys" are an old coffee can and a 2-ft-long 1"x 4". Bill was using the coffee can, to scoop potting soil and turned his back, for a moment. Pearl stole it and carries it all over the yard, throwing it up in the air and chasing it. Since it doesn't have any sharp edges, we let her keep it.

The board was in the bottom of a refrigerator box and she grabbed that, too. The ends are well-chewed and it too gets hauled all over the place.

When the cats are at the window, Pearl brings her toys and shows them off and whenever we go outside, she grabs a toy and brings to us. Pearl is very proud of her toys. She even shows them off, to my next-door neighbor.

In addition to these items, Pearl also plays with rocks. She carries them around, throws them and bats them with her paws. She will also drop them into the water pan and then "bob" for them.

I'm not going to buy any more "dog toys". We'll just let her have whatever junk happens to be lying around. Silly dog!
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Rosie can be the same. She has so many toys, i could set up my own shop!.

The only ones that she will play with, are a small furry cat, which will meow 3 times when you press it's tummy. I call this her baby, as she licks it to bits, and brings it downstairs in her mouth for me, and she also has small sponge balls to bat about.

But, she finds things like bits of 'woodbase cat litter', flower heads that she bites off, stalks from apples, and anything that has'nt cost (if you know what i mean?!),the most entertaining of all!.

She can play for hours on the stairs with these, bless her!.

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The favorites here are milk top rings, the plastic tripod things that come with pizza to keep the cheese off the boxtop, empty toilet tissue rolls, rolls of paper towels (I try to discourage this, as it wastes the towels and makes a mess),and the cat leash. I get the leash presented to me at least twice a week. I've told them, it's too cold to go outside right now! Question likes to grab Tybalt's watch and run through the house with it.
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When I got up, yesterday morning, I found the bathroom wastebasket overturned and the contents strewn out into the hall. Fortunately, it was all t.p. cores and an empty toothpaste tube. Thank you Rowdy!
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We had a boxer whose favorite toy was the neighbor's garden dwarf - he kept stealing it and carrying it around. It was really hard to get him to release his grip on it. He also "adopted" a life-sized baby doll that belonged to my niece. JC's favorites are my husband's "claws", i.e., special guitar picks. He does a "kamikaze act" when my husband is getting them out or putting them away, and makes off with one at every opportunity.
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I know what you all mean, My dog Barrel-butt(aka Jazz) finds "Sponges on a stick"(Literraly!sp?) very amusing, my animals are as strange as me.
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Bob my manx...found two new favortie toys today...an eraser and an old bannana peel...uccccccckkkkk!!!! I took both away and boy was he mad...LOL
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Squirrel brings us walnuts off the trees, acorns, and Taz her sister brings us nails, screws, pieces of bark, and pieces of stucco (remodeling treasures) As for store bought toys, neither one will touch them!
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There is a little wiredhaired terrier a long way in my past, whose name was MacGregor. He was the sweetest, craziest dog I have ever known, and loved nothing better than to chase an empty tin can around his humans' then unfinished basement -- bare concrete, with a furnace in the middle, for him to run around in circles. He would chase it as long as any humans present could stand the racket.

Fawn's very favourite toy (aside from the live ones, that is) is an old dark blue braided cord, such as is used for bolo ties. God alone knows where she found it, but she drags that thing all over the place. You'd think it was her "blankie".

Samantha found somebody's feather duster and dragged it home, then dragged it all over the place, too.

I buy them "cat toys", and sometimes they actually deign to show a little interest at first, but it's never long before the latest thing is abandoned in favour of the ratty old stuff they dredge up from who knows where...
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Kolohe loves to play with these colored sponge like balls that I'd bought from PetsMart. And well, Koa and Kolohe have a bunch of toys that I couldn't list (too long) that's from PetsMart also. Spoiled babies, I tell you! Haha! Bryan (my hubby) saves some cardboard boxes for them to play in.
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