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A day out with the little ones (not the furry kind)

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My in-laws were away yesterday (they're the ones who take care of Ron while I'm working), so I packed both Ron and Dan and out we went by train to Tel-Aviv and spent the day with my mom at the mall.

I took our new digital camera with us - it's awesome! I took over 70 pictures! Thought I'd share some with you

In Tel Aviv right before we entered the mall. Ron with my mother-in-law and his cousin (we traveled by train together and then seperated).

In the mall (you can see my mom there with Ron) -

Had lunch at a restaurant, which is when Dan woke up and I got him out of the sling -

Then we went to my mom's, where hubby joined us -

And back home by train -

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wow! What great photos!! Looks like you guys had a good afternoon!

I can't believe that our malls look so much alike! That's incredible!
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Wow! Those are beautiful pictures! looks like you guys had a great time together!
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Hee hee looks like that statue scared Ron a bit! He is getting so tall Anne and those rosy cheeks! Love those plants in your mom's yard, thanks for sharing your great day in photos!
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very nice pictures...thanks for sharing
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Great pics! Your boys are so cute!! How old are they??
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It looks to me you all had a great time . And grandma enjoyed herslef with the grandchildren How wonderfull and it is so importent for your kids to know the grandparents . I am a little jelous , having no family around here . Great shots you made I truly enjoy looking at them . Thanks for sharing with all of us .
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Looks like everyone had lots of fun on your day-trip. I just can't get over how ADORABLE your boys are!
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Great photos. I can't believe how big the boys are getting already.
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Thank you everyone! Dan will be 2 months old in 4 days and Ron will be 2 years old in 2 weeks (on the 28th). Boy, how time flies! I still remember sharing the very first pregnancy with people here (the one that ended in a miscarriage), then the pregnancy and birth of Ron and of Dan. It's like my family and this website grew up together
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Great pictures! Ron is a cutie pie, and I can't get over how BIG Dan is getting! He is a handsome fella!
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Anne, that boy Ron is a charmer! And Dan is growing like a weed. Seems like a good time was had by all -- thanks for sharing.
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What lovely pictures Anne, it truely has captured the beauty of your family. Thanks for sharing.
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I just love those pics Anne! Your children are so precious!
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Where were these pictures taken? I've never seen aloe plants that big... WOW!! The spag.. made me hungry
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Awesome pics Anne..... I especially like the one of little Ron on the Dragon. He and and Dan are such cuties.
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Those are GREAT pictures Anne!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! I love looking at pictures of the boys and it was nice to see a bit more of your family as well!! Dan and Ron are so cute!!
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Sounds & looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Those boys of yours are so adorable! Little Ron isn't so little anymore & that precious little Dan is growing by the minute!

Thanks for sharing those with us Anne!
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