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Got a Job

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Nice to go to work because you want to and not because you have too.

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good for you Nancy!

what will you be doing?
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Congrats Nancy. What will your job be?
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Cashier at Walgreens. Less than a mile from home. Got bored sitting home all day, tired of shopping.

Meeting people in town. My first customer was on vacation from FL, Melbourne, FL where I just moved from. That was a first!

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I am happy for you that you have found a job that you enjoy!
But also, it must have been nice to have the luxury of not having to work, if you didn't want to, and having the opportunity to get 'bored' with shopping!
I have worked at the same place for 12 years. I don't like it...I go because I have to...their are bills to pay, and I just have to look at it this way...at least it is a job, and it puts some money in my pocket, and pays some bills, and food on the table.
Let us know how your new job goes, it sounds great!
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I spent 20 years in the USArmy so I have an income and my home here is paid for. I worked at Toys R Us for 13 years and loved it. The nearest one here is 20 miles away. Too tempting to call in sick.

Walgreens is nice. Not 24hr like some. No booze, like some. It's a small town so I've met neighbors, police, and regulars who come in everyday. Love the kids (I don't have any). It isn't real busy so I get to learn other parts. Oh, I get a discount too, always a bonus for any job. When it stops being fun I can leave, til then I'll enjoy the "company".I do miss my kitties, but I can come home for lunch.

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Congrats on the job. I too think I should get back out there. We can manage on one paycheck but I worked for many years and it helps. I sell some paintings but few and far between. And I cant paint as a job. Only when i am inspired.

The thing is I would have to upgrade the course I took so long ago and I dont know if I want to go back to the study thing again. You are right though you get tired of just doing not much of anything. It would keep me busy.
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I do walk the dogs twice a week at the shelter, but mostly just met the dogs. Didn't want to get too close to them though, not knowing their destiny. Haven't asked about their coming and going. Needed some "human" contact.

Trying different churches, but still feel like an outsider. I'll know it when I "feel" it.

Being a cashier is something I "know". I'm comfortable.

Elinor when you finish a painting, are you able to show it somewhere so people can see it? Thanks for the encouragement. I was a real couch potato--talk show expert--soap opera addict. I knew I had to get out!

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Best wishes to you, on your "new" job!

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Yay! Congrats on the new job toyslady!

Once Craig and I get settled in our new place.. I will be getting job. I'm tired of sitting at home and seeing the same old walls over and over. I don't know where I'll work yet.. but it'll be nice to have some of my own money incoming and to get out of the house for a while.
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Nancy when i finish a painting I dont get it out right away. I have a couple in a gallery now but they dont take every painting you do.And some gallery's dont want any of your work.Some I havent gotton the courage to go into. I am in an art association and go into a couple of shows during the year.

I agree that doing something you feel comfortable with is the best.I admire you taking the dogs out at the shelter. I have thought of doing that but think it might make me feel bad. Either that or I might end up taking them home with me
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Nancy....not to get off on the religion subject, but since you mentioned you had been trying different churches, I wondered if you had tried an Assemblies of God church.....have you heard of that?
I have been to one, and they always made me feel right at home, and very welcome. My family was all Pentecost, so maybe that is why I feel so at home there...but try it, if you haven't already.
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Thanks Debby,

Ill look for one that's close. I work every third Sunday now. Be able to go next Sunday off.

Thanks again

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